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Listen to our 15 episode limited run podcast showcasing modern voices in the sciences.

Episode 15 - Chris Tutino

The Future of Cardiovascular Drugs

Chris Tutino, Senior Project Manager, Cardiovascular, at Bristol Myers Squibb, schools me on the drug development lifecycles and M&A in pharma. Formerly at Merck and Celgene, Chris is well-versed in the ins and outs of project management in drug development.

Episode 14 - Jesse Coiro

Mitigating Airborne Pathogens

Jesse Coiro, Director of Growth and Strategic Initiatives at Erlab USA, joins me to talk about the latest innovations in air filtration technology, and how it can be used to fight pandemics.

Episode 13 - Rainey Hufstetler

High Containment Lab Planning

Rainey Hufstetler is a laboratory planner who specializes in high containment environments. She works for HERA laboratory planners, a firm that acts as a specialty consultant on projects involving scientific research environments.

Episode 12 - Tyler Ellison

Disrupting the Chemical Distribution Industry

Tyler Ellison is the CEO of ChemDirect, a radically new way researchers and companies buy chemicals and solvents. ChemDirect has received funding from the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, and has created a direct-to-end-user online marketplace for previously difficult to obtain and heavily regulated substances.

Episode 11 - Steve Kulisch

Business Development in Bioscience

Steve Kulisch is Global Strategic marketing lead at Fluidigm, a company at the forefront of COVID-19 research. Steve rose to a leadership position during his time at Bio-Rad and BD, and offers a wealth of insight on how scientists can flourish as business leaders.

Episode 10 - Kristopher Barnette

Marketing to the Life Science Community

Marketing to the life science community greatly differs from communicating with less technical audiences in other business sectors. Kristopher Barnette, a life science marketing expert, founder and CEO of All Good MKTG and former Thermo Fisher marketing leader, says there is a LOT to celebrate in sciences, and it is the best fuel for good storytelling.

Episode 9 - Matt Wilkinson

Leading Organizational Change

Matt Wilkinson holds both a PhD in Chemistry and an MBA. Heis a founder of strategy-driven marketing firm, Strivenn and previously has led business organizations in the life sciences and shares his expertise and career journey.  Learn about how he transitioned from benchwork in “dirty chemistry” (dangerous and toxic compounds), to a career in management and marketing.

Episode 8 - Kari Kennedy

Managing Complexity

Kari Kennedy manages flight operations projects at FedEx and draws on her experience chasing hurricanes as an Air Force meteorologist and managing operations Southwest Airlines to lead high stakes projects with tight deadlines. In this conversation, we talked about leadership, how to draw on unlikely sources to become a better leader and how to manage high stakes teams.

Episode 7 - Paul Bromann

Between Life Sciences and Communication

Paul Bromann received his PhD in neuroscience in 1999 from Northwestern University. He currently serves as a medical science partner for Rare Diseases at UCB, a global biopharma company focusing on neurology and Immunology. We spoke about his research experience in Finland, his leadership role in science, communications, management, and tips on starting a technical business podcast.

Episode 6 - Curtis Guild

A Day in the Life of an Analytical Scientist

Curtis Guild is a Contract Analytical Scientist at Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences), volunteers for high school science olympiads, and helps build resources supporting some of the field’s most complex instrumentation. He recently founded Centaur Technologies, a company built to provide technological development support and career services for analytical scientists.

Episode 5 - Kristen Slawinski

Starting a Science Writing Agency

Would you feel fulfilled working as a freelance writer or running your own agency? We talked with Kristen Slawinski, founder & CEO of Biofluent Communications about her PhD work, experience in the biotech and pharma industry, the entrepreneurial challenges and how reading narratives about people in the final stages of life can cause personal growth and a massive shift in perspective.

Episode 4 - Adam Wilson

Entrepreneurship & Trends in Biotech

After completing master’s in pharmaceutical engineering and working in the industry, Adam Wilson traded corporate life for his own information services company, Since then, it became the best source of record for the biotech industry across the world. In this episode, Adam speaks about exiting pharmaceutical industry, starting his company, and shares latest biotech trends.

Episode 3 - Eduardo Longoria

Biotech in Brazil

Eduardo Longoria is the founder of Portunus, a biotechnology firm based in Brazil. His team studies novel ways to use the compound chitosan as an innovative and organic way to treat burns and wounds. In the episode, we walk through how he relocated from the United States to Curitiba, the business environment in Brazil, and the local carnival and zombie walk experience.

Episode 2 - Neel Madhukar

AI in Drug Discovery

How can AI can fuel drug discovery and lead to better, more cost-effective solutions to some of the toughest pharmaceutical problems? We talked with Neel Madhukar, co-founder and CEO of OneThree Biotech about the challenges he faces as a leader in this biotech sector, where the name OneThree comes from, and the unexpected value in platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

Episode 1 - Chris Conner

How to Make and Market Your Podcasts

If you run a biotech, research lab, or even a non-scientific business, branding and marketing growth is a necessity. We asked Chris Conner, a science branding guru and host of the Life Science Marketing Radio Podcast about his strategies for growing your digital footprint.

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