Animal Research Facility Design

OnePointe Solutions understands the importance of the animal research industry of quality laboratory design and construction that complies with industry standards. Most importantly, OnePointe Solutions’ furniture is all SEFA compliant to ensure the safety of staff, test subjects, and the lab itself.

We offer complimentary on-site visits and 3D drawings with all quotes. Contact us to get an estimate on furniture or full lab design and renovation today.

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Custom Lab Design

Regardless of the size of your lab, the design team at OnePointe Solutions can help you design it for optimum efficiency, comfort, and safety. Ready to create designs with your specific needs in mind, our team can create for any space of any size.

Choose from liquid and bacteria resistant stainless steel, epoxy resin countertops, high-density polyethylene, or even woodblock countertops to fully customize your space. Regardless of your space, no animal research lab design challenge is too much for OnePointe Solutions.

Because the needs of each research lab are so different, OnePoint Solutions works closely with your team to create custom drawings for your future lab design. OnePoint Solutions specializes in lab benches with easy-to-clean surfaces for safe and code-compliant lab operation, also offering custom finishes for labs requiring non-metal surfaces.

Casework and Cabinetry

Most research facilities rely heavily on animal research lab casework and metal lab cabinets, which often serve both as work surfaces and storage. Designed to fit any space, casework created by OnePointe Solutions are fully customizable and perfect for organizing any lab.

OnePointe Solutions offers a large variety of colors, finishes, and customization to make every lab space as efficient and pleasant to work in as possible.

Tables, Carts, and Workbenches

Animal research lab tables, carts, and lab benches must be of top quality in order to work perfectly in a lab. OnePointe Solutions offers a variety of tables that can be custom ordered to fit unique requirements.

Whether they be for veterinary examinations, medical testing, data analysis, or more, the customizable tables and workbenches from OnePointe Solutions are sure to help keep your lab organized and efficient.


Designed for comfort, safety, and usability with custom furnishings, OnePointe Solutions lab chairs are state-of-the-art. Carefully designed to promote concentration and health, OnePointe Solutions offers ergonomically optimized chairs.

Helping to improve and sustain focus and comfort, these high-quality laboratory chairs will help staff maintain proper blood circulation and good posture as they spend hours conducting research. OnePointe Solutions even offers custom chair design options, allowing you to create the perfect chairs for your specific needs.

Biological Safety Furniture

Working in an animal research facility often involves directly handling animals and various chemicals. In order to keep the research staff safe, OnePointe Solutions offers a variety of biosafety cabinets.

Biosafety furniture is designed either to contain or mitigate fumes or other airborne pathogens and are regulated according to various CDC and WHO standards that designate various levels of biosafety requirements. Biological safety cabinets and hoods provide vital filtration, containment, and environmental control, all integral to the safety, accuracy, and efficiency of researchers and their labs.

Compliant with SEFA regulations, OnePointe Solutions’ hoods and biological safety furniture are of the highest quality, helping to keep lab safety standards high while enabling efficient research.

About Animal Research Laboratories

Animal laboratories are invaluable assets to public health. Prior to public release, medicines, devices, household products, cosmetics, foods, and more must be tested for safety.

Teams of scientists with extensive qualifications conduct experiments and monitor the results to develop medical, household, and other consumer products, both for humans and other animals. Without the efforts of animal researchers, lab technicians, and others involved in the running of animal research labs, life-saving treatments would go undiscovered, and public safety would be at risk.

Animal laboratories need to be kept at specific environmental conditions to ensure the welfare of test subjects and the quality and accuracy of test results. Rodents, rabbits, dogs, primates, cats, and more are common subjects of animal research, providing incredible insight into both animal and human health. The breeding, raising, housing, testing, and caring for live animal test subjects is a complicated process that requires specialized training and equipment.

Speak to a Representative to Start Designing Your Lab

Whether it be furniture for simple lab work, animal testing, chemical handling, storage, etc., every animal testing facility comes with its own unique requirements and challenges. OnePointe Solutions is a leader in animal research laboratory design and construction, creating top-of-the-line products for safer, more efficient work.

With a wide range of products to choose from, and the incredible OnePointe Solutions team ready to help customize your animal research lab, we offer endless options for creating incredible research environments.

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