Our packing stations pack a punch. Shipping and distribution centers need workstations they can count on. Those that will handle rush orders when holidays and special sales come around. Those that can adjust to fit the space and individual. Plus those that will last years to come. OnePointe Solutions' packing stations can do just that and more.

Packing Station KEY features

Our adjustable height packing and shipping stations come in both standard and custom sizes. Choose from a multitude of accessories and colors to custom fit your production floor.

The benefits of OnePointe heavy-duty packing furniture include improved safety and efficiency, simplified processes, increased output, and revenue for distribution operations. Regardless of what type of industrial facility you are furnishing, we can build the right packing station solution for your organization.

Whether you have a warehouse, fulfillment facility, or shipping center, we can supply you with efficient and ergonomic packing and shipment furniture for your space. They can be outfitted with accessories and components to meet your needs.

From shelving and drawers for organization to bin rails, roll holders, and plug strips for quick access to materials and power. Whatever you envision for your ideal packing station, we’ve got you covered.

In addition, we can also supply you with a full range of industrial storage and ESD workbenches.

warehouse packing station



RAL 9016

Papyrus White

RAL 9018

Oyster White

RAL 1013

Light Ivory

RAL 1015

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Biege Grey

RAL 7006

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Window Grey

RAL 7040

Basalt Grey

RAL 7012

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Black Red

RAL 3007

Green Blue

RAL 5001

Gentian Blue

RAL 5010

Blue Green

RAL 6004

Flame Red

RAL 3000

Stainless Steel*

*Stainless steel is a material and not a standard powder-coat color; it is available for an additional charge. 

Need A Custom Color?

What color do you want? Red? Blue? White? We’ll help you get any color in the color wheel (and even those that aren’t).

Our fabrications can be faced with a wide selection of hues and finishes, from bold to subdued.

*Note that some colors require a minimum order*

RAL Color Brochure

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what colors will look like in realtime for your lab furniture. No worries, we handled that for you.

Check out our color brochure to see how colors will appear on furniture before you choose. 

*Note some colors on screen may vary from how they will appear on product*


We can build custom workbenches and complex conveyor systems for your warehouse.
Designed with ergonomics in mind, our furniture will help your employee productivity as they form, pack, and seal.


Chemicals, moisture, heat, and impact can all vary greatly from project to project. From stainless steel, to phenolic resin and epoxy resin, we offer chemical and odor-resistant finishes that endure spills and stave off corrosion.

Every industrial space is different. If you have a surface in mind or need assistance picking a worksurface, we can help.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is the ideal solution for environments that have high possibilities of corrosion or moisture.

phenolic resin

Phenolic resin meets the requirements of most laboratories with the added benefit of being chemical-, wear-, and water-resistant.

stainless steel

As a nonporous surface, nothing can penetrate into this material. Bacteria, mold, and other common germs don’t stand a chance.


ESD Laminate is specifically designed to prevent the discharge of built-up static electricity that can damage sensitive equipment.


In the material handling business, there’s no better than maple block. Maple works hard in factories, in kitchens, and on shipping and receiving docks around the world.


High-density polyethylene is lightweight, non-absorbent, and stain-free surface. HDPE is best used for food preparation.


Solicor-CR is a lab-grade surface material well suited for environments, where chemical resistance, durability and aesthetics are top priorities.

solid surface

Wilsonart® Solid Surface countertops are great for use in many settings: office, retail, industrial, healthcare, or education and in certain laboratory settings. It is nonporous, seamless, and elegant.


Quartz countertops are favored by designers in various commercial industries since quartz can easily withstand extended use, regular cleaning, and exposure to moderate heat, moisture, and most household/commercial cleaners. For more information, contact us.


Granite countertops are an elegant, timeless, and extremely durable surface option. They bring any commercial or industrial space to life with its many colors and smooth finish. For more information, contact us.


If you have never heard of solid surface, you may have heard of ‘Corian®’, the name of the original solid surface formula created by a DuPont in 1964. Works in the same settings just as solid surface for a countertop option.

plastic laminate

Made to align perfectly with your target aesthetic, layout, and budget. From breakrooms and reception areas to conference rooms, classrooms and even laboratories, plastic laminate countertops complement virtually any environment it is in.

When planning your shipping department layout, 

let our warehouse design team create the perfect space for you at no additional cost!

Your packing zone should be filled with long-lasting, compact packing stations to maximize productivity and efficiency.


Browse through to see some of our past projects. No project is too big or small for us to handle. From several accessories and complex confisgurations to a more simple and sleek designs. Our packing stations are made to fit your and your facility with ease. For more pictures of our packing stations and other industrial workbenches, head over to our client gallery.



We take pride in following industry standards of quality and sustainability. All of our products are tested, certified and sourced in a manner consistent with latest guidelines.

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