We can take any workbench configuration and turn it to an anti-static workstation. With ESD laminate and smart design-engineering, we create your ideal esd workbench for any electronics or semiconductor production and research. Each of our ESD tables is built to specification in our factory, which guarantees maximum quality control.


Preventing electrostatic discharge is key when working in an electrostatic environment, however not all workbenches and tables are built the same to ensure nothing hinders the work in these kinds of settings. An esd workbench made by OnePointe Solutions can be designed and customized to not only fit your exact specifications, but to aslo prevent high voltages from accumulating on electrical sensitive devices when working. 


For your esd workbench needs, we carry three countertop options from NEVAMAR®  .




An esd workbench by OnePointe caters to the EOS/ESD Association and we can ensure the use of ANSI ESD S20.20 standards if a customer requires it. We ensure that our furniture is UL listed.



RAL 9016

Papyrus White

RAL 9018

Oyster White

RAL 1013

Light Ivory

RAL 1015

Stone Grey

RAL 7030

Biege Grey

RAL 7006

Light Grey

RAL 7035

Window Grey

RAL 7040

Basalt Grey

RAL 7012

Jet Black

RAL 9005

Black Red

RAL 3007

Green Blue

RAL 5001

Gentian Blue

RAL 5010

Blue Green

RAL 6004

Flame Red

RAL 3000

Stainless Steel*

*Stainless steel is a material and not a standard powder-coat color; it is available for an additional charge. 

Need A Custom Color?

What color do you want? Red? Blue? White? We’ll help you get any color in the color wheel (and even those that aren’t).

Our fabrications can be faced with a wide selection of hues and finishes, from bold to subdued.

*Note that some colors require a minimum order.*

RAL Color Brochure

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what colors will look like in realtime for your lab furniture. No worries, we handled that for you.

Check out our color brochure to see how colors will appear on furniture before you choose. 

*Note some colors on screen may vary from how they will appear on product*


Our in-house installation team will deliver a fully assembled unit directly where you need it installed.
In addition to an ESD workbench, we can also provide ESD mats, ground cords, and other electrical equipment required for ESD compliant workstations and environments. We also provide a full range of workbench solutions for IT/LAN, packing, shipping, and fulfillment areas.


Browse through to see some of our past projects. No project is too big or small for us to handle. From simple configurations to more complex designs, we can design and manufacture virtually any vision you may have your ESD workstation. For more pictures of our ESD tables, head over to our client gallery.

Ready to create your ESD WORKBENCH?


We take pride in following industry standards of quality and sustainability. All of our products are tested, certified and sourced in a manner consistent with latest guidelines.

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