We provide custom tailored solutions for complex lab instrumentation including Mass Spectrometry/LC/GC/HPLC equipment. If you have an instrument shipping soon, we can rush order a specialized bench or cabinet to house it.


MS instruments from the leading industry brands require custom enclosures and accessories. We work directly with top mass spectrometry providers such as Agilent, Sciex and Shimadzu to design the best carts and tables for these research workflows. 


MS instruments require a low-vibration environment with consideration for heat and air disbursement, waste disposal, pipes, cables, and chemical resistance. Meeting these requirements and choosing a housing option with these key features can help ensure the longevity of your instruments, the safety of lab staff, and the quality of the testing environment. At OnePointe Solutions, our MS carts and benches include a variety of key features including:


Vacuum pumps make a lot of noise which can cause unwanted disruption in a concentrated work environment. Both as a means of storing your MS vacuum pumps and as a means of reducing their sound, sound dampening enclosures can be installed in MS carts and benches. Made from non-flammable acoustic foam, these enclosures will drastically reduce sound during the use of a mass spectrometer.


At OnePointe Solutions, we offer clients the option to have power and data connections built right into their workbenches and lab carts. Built-in power and data connections make using MS instruments super easy and convenient and allow for constant access to results and data throughout the process.


Conventional lab furniture does not take into account the high-vibration of a mass spectrometer’s vacuum pumps, which can impact the performance of the spectrometer itself. Vibration racks are designed to absorb the vibrations created by the vacuum pumps to prevent them from traveling to the mass spectrometer, preserving its performance and longevity.


One of the disadvantages of mass spec research is the clutter that it can cause if not properly set up from the very beginning. Mass spec instruments often include several cords, wires, and tubes for the process of separating and testing the molecular makeup of a sample. OnePointe Solutions can include custom tubing and wire cutouts for easy organization and management of electrical cords and tubes.


Built-in LCD arms allow personnel to quickly gain access to a computer without it taking up unnecessary space on the cart. Vital for recording pertinent data, computers are always within reach when you include an LCD arm in your mass spec cart design.


Having solvents readily available but safely stored is a key consideration when designing for mass spectrometer housing and use, which is why we include dedicated solvent storage built into our mass spec carts and benches. Our designs ensure solvents are away from heat-producing components, safe from accidental spills, and conveniently available at a moment’s notice.


Waste disposal can also be a tricky factor when designing a designated space for your MS instruments. At OnePointe Solutions, we offer the option to include a dedicated MS waste disposal compartment within the custom design of your mass spec bench. Including a waste disposal compartments can help you maintain a clean and safe work environment as well as provide a safe storage system for MS waste before final disposal.


Our MS bench and cart designs are created for combined convenient storage and use. Our furniture often serves a dual purpose, safely and securely housing equipment while still allowing for convenient access and use whenever necessary. To add to the convenience and easy handling facilitated by our lab furniture, OnePointe Solutions can also include casters to make the job of moving/transporting sensitive equipment super easy.


Custom Lab Table with Casework
Best price, easy to work with, and outstanding customer service. Ordered six tables with castors and they are custom fitted, and absolutely stunning! My sales rep was very helpful in guiding me through the process, and I recommend these guys to everyone I can. Thank you OnePointe!
Jacob M.
Custom Lab Table with Casework
We knew our needs for the build, but didn't really have an idea how to go about the process. This team is actually a full start-to-finish solutions from consulting me on what we need, designing the custom pieces, and installing. Streamlined it for me to only go to one place.
Matt U.

Different Types of Mass Spec Instruments

What is Mass Spectrometry Mass spectrometry deals with the quantifying and qualifying of the molecular components of a sample. Ideal for chemical testing, testing for soil and water quality, pharmaceutical potency and structure, cannabis testing, and other bioscience research, spectrometry is now a broad and varied field. Like the field

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We take pride in following industry standards of quality and sustainability. All of our products are tested, certified and sourced in a manner consistent with latest guidelines.

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