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“On behalf of myself and the rest of ownership here at [CUSTOMER NAME NOT DISCLOSED], we would like to reach out and express what a professional and great job Jason (install manager) and his crew did last week.

In over 2 years with a 50,000sqft build, this crew was hands down the best contractor we’ve had in our building so far! No issues, professional, and got the job done right the first time.

It’s becoming rare to find this.”


Installation Planning

Once you have ordered with our company, you are assigned a project manager to help with every detail of the install process, from manufacturing of casework and workbenches and cabinetry, to payment and fulfillment. Our project managers and install teams are employed directly by OnePointe Solutions (not sub-contracted). They are trained in all areas of installation, from logistics to assembly of product.

Our project manager also coordinates with any other trades involved with your project and provides any support that you might need in your installation.

Some of the services provided by our Project Manager Include:

  • Coordination of an installation date that fits your schedule. You will be given a timeline of installation that we will stick to.
  • Planning all necessary travel arrangements for our team
  • Planning all necessary equipment that may be needed for your installation
  • Constant evaluation of project from start to finish to curtail any foreseeable issues


We ensure that all logistics are ready, we schedule delivery trucks and our personnel to offload and install at your facility. Depending on the size of the job, we coordinate our shipments to fit an installation schedule that makes sense.

This means your company will not have to store any product onsite. When it arrives, it is taken to the install site immediately.

Site Logistics

Our team inspects your facility to determine the safest, most logical and least intrusive installation path into your facility. This can be accomplished either by communication with your team or an onsite visit to your facility.

We work together with your facility managers to ensure that we will comply with all site protocols and procedures. We believe preplanning in this manner prevents any delays with installation ensures facility safety and security compliance and prevents damage to your facility.

Our Install Team

We take pride in our product. So much so, that we have a factory trained installation team who exclusively installs our product.

For projects with specific requirements, like those in remote locations or requiring union labor, we partner with vetted third-party installers with proven experience in the laboratory furniture industry. This ensures you receive a professional installation by qualified individuals who understand the intricacies of our products, regardless of project details.

Safety and Security

We adhere to any safety and security requirements that your company may have. We begin communication with your safety and security teams well before the installation date.

We supply any necessary documentation to ensure our team is approved and prepared to enter your facility. All members of our install team must pass a background check, driving record check, and a drug test.

Site Clean up

Throughout the installation process, our installers will dispose of all packaging material and leave your facility looking better than when we arrived.

Post Installation Follow Up

After your installation is complete, we provide a follow up call or site visit to your facility to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your installation. If you have any issues after installation, we are here to help.

We are laboratory design experts!

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