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Privacy just how you like it Sometimes you need your own defined space. Like a portable solid wall for complete seclusion. Or perhaps a semi-transparent divider because you like the privacy but don't want to miss out what's going on around you. Or maybe you need some temporary partitions for your desk to help you focus on a big project and shut out the noise. Whatever your privacy needs, we've got you covered.

Glass & Acrylic Dividers

clear desk dividers

Our glass and acrylic dividers are great for academic settings, banks, reception desks, free standing desks and more.

The glass and acrylic, for our dividers, is easy to clean and maintain, sleek and moderately durable.

They give you the right amount of coverage and separation without being completely excluded from your surroundings. 

Your dividers can be built into a workbench or table, or even designed to be removable when needed to be a temporary option too.

Bathroom Partitions

bathroom partitions

Outfitting a company or office bathroom? We can design and fabricate bathroom partitions to give individuals semi to complete privacy when using the restroom. 

Choose from our wide selection of materials to create the right partitions for your work environment:

  • Powder-coated steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Phenolic 

  • Plastic Laminate

  • Solid Surface

Wells & Kimich Office Furnishings

Through our partnership with Collaborative Office Interiors, we can bring you even more high end and affordable partition and office dividers for your business.

Demountable Wall Systems

Unlike permanent walls or fixtures, demountable walls give your office an adaptable and flexible option to meet the demands of a fluctuating workforce and office space requirements.

Installation flexibility. Walls can be set up on top of carpet and grid so it speeds up construction

Creating an attractive office setting is no longer cumbersome. Demountable walls provide easier installation and more flexibility than more traditional wall build outs.

For more information on demountable walls, click here.


  • Can come in glass, laminate or vinyl

  • Flexible installation

  • 100% movable and reusable

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Less expensive than drywall

office cubicles

Give your employees not just any cubicle, but a custom and thought out solution encourages productivity and privacy and not complete isolation.

Our cubicles can come in custom, private or semi-private configurations, with glass or washable laminate panels along with powered and non-powered option too. 

When visual and auditory distractions can be detrimental if a single keystroke error derails an entire project, our cubicle solutions help.

Great for healthcare facilities, IT companies, schools, libraries and just about anywhere that needs defined privacy. 

Hide Desktop Privacy Screen

Hide Desktop Privacy Screen

A hassle free escape from the chaos. Minimize distraction in your open office environment, with something that offers privacy and a bit of dampening from those nearby.

Using a post-consumer recycled PET material, this is also an eco-friendly solution that will absorb ~75% of ambient noise. Employees can gain focus and have the privacy they need, without losing the collaborative nature of their work.

  • Minimal privacy solution. Product is lightweight and can be stored flat.

  • Product stands 15″ tall, and is 63.25″ at full length (when it isn’t folded).

  • Made from recycled content. Easy to keep clean with anti-bacterial sprays and cleaning agents.

  • Easily reconfigurable design and no assembly required.

  • Acoustic material absorbs sound.

Complement your workspace colors. Available in Charcoal and Marble PET colors.

Hitch Acrylic freestanding desktop panels

Hitch Freestanding Desk

The Hitch freestanding privacy panels are designed to be durable and versatile solutions for the ever-changing office. With a full length screen, this is compatible with tall workstations or those using a standing height desk. 

The clear (or frosted) surface will provide the privacy you need, without sacrificing good lighting. Our Freestanding Privacy Panels are engineered to be durable, light weight and easy to move.

Recommended solution for side-by-side collaborative spaces, conference rooms, and training rooms.

  • Designed for a 28” – 30” tall work surfaces. Desk panel extends 23″ onto the work surface.

  • Aluminum interlocking modular frame. Assembles in less than 10 minutes

  • Add a space to write, with choice of a dry erase board panel for the areas that divides your desk space.

  • Cleanable with healthcare-grade cleaners.

  • Height adjustable foot allows the Hitch to securely attach to any workstation.

  • Frame made from 75% recycled content.

split acrylic
floor panels

Split Acrylic Floor Panel

Seamlessly partition sections of your office with durable acrylic panels that wont obscure anyone’s view.  Freestanding and easy to move, you can implement the Split in a variety of settings.

  • Aluminum interlocking frame.

  • Acrylic and aluminum surfaces can be cleaned healthcare-grade cleansers.

  • Portable or easily removable with available base options.

  • Use clear or frosted acrylic panels, or even go with twinwall (polycarbonate).

  • Assembles in less than 10 minutes.

Desk Shield Desktop Acrylic Protection

Desk Shield Desktop Acrylic Protection

While providing privacy and giving focus to workers, the Desk Shield is designed to also help protect your health while you need to work. With a strong aluminum frame along the sides and area in front of you, you can maintain clear communication while maintaining social distance.

  • Aluminum interlocking modular frame. Multiple units can be linked together.

  • Use clear or frosted acrylic, depending on privacy and lighting needs.

  • Easy to assemble and clean.  Use healthcare-grade cleaners without damaging the finish or affecting the panels.

  • Aluminum frame is made from 75% recycled content.

Work with your space.  Choose the panel sizes (back and sides), as needed.

Acoustic Panel

Airbloom Acoustic Panels

Suspended tiles or shapes are often quite visually appealing as they have usually been designed by industry specialists with an eye for detail with an understanding of how this type of solution will be used. Airbloom modules are made from 100% molded polyester felt fiber.

The modules are assembled in patterns using plastic clips and are fixed to an aluminum rail for installation on the ceiling or on the wall. The degree of sound absorption provided by these panels is determined by how the modules are combined. Airbloom is available in 30 standard colorways.

desktop acrylic
germ guard

Desktop Acrylic Germ Guard

While working together, employees can be protected from airborne droplets as they interact. Line entire rows of facing workstations, without blocking light.

The half inch opening at the bottom still allows for exchanging papers but one can get a full 3-inch clearance by choosing the cutout option. These desktop protective shields can be used virtually anywhere, and are an ideal solution to protect staff at all levels.

  • Acrylic can be safely cleaned and disinfected with most healthcare-grade cleaners.

  • Simple, unobtrusive design with clear sight lines into the collaborative office environment.

  • Screens can be mounted on top of your desk, or from underneath. Choose the dual under-desk mounting brackets for placing screens back-to-back.

  • Optional cutout for spaces taking on full transactions. Great for office, hospitals, and educational facilities.

These screens can be chosen in a 24″ and 30″ height, with many widths available to accommodate all kinds of working spaces.  Please note that the lead time on this product can vary.

sound panels

Aircone Sound Panels

Abstracta’s Aircone is a sound absorbing module with a simple triangular design that is angled and tapered to permit sound diffusion. Component modules are made from molded polyester felt fiber and are available in 30 colorways.

Half modules are also available to create straight edges in a design.  In open office planning, felt tiles and wall panels create inspiring environments while reducing the noise.

Aircone modules are assembled into patterns using small plastic clips and can be hung from the ceiling or against the wall on an aluminum rail.

suspended screens

airflake suspended panels

Diffuse the sound with creatively shaped Airflake sound panels.  Made from molded polyester felt fiber, one can form this into a variety of combinations for dividing space and helping control sound. 

One can choose from open or closed hexagonal shapes assembled together using small plastic clips. Airflake may be hung on a straight or a curved rail mounted to a ceiling or wall.

There are 30 standard felt color choices. Abstracta’s Airflake is designed to provide visual separation and so v und absorption. 

Airflake modules hook into one another and are hung on a ceiling or wall-mounted straight rail, curved ceiling rail, or directly to a drop ceiling using special brackets. The three rail lengths available are 59″, 78.75″ or 188″ that can be joined or cut on site. Curved rails are also available in 29.5″, 59″ or 78.75″ radius.

suspended panels

airleaf suspended Panels

Abstracta’s Airleaf is designed to gently separate space while building a pleasant soundscape. Leaf-shaped sound absorbent molded felt modules can be combined in a variety of patterns to bring nature into interior spaces.

Divide spaces with airy acoustic felt, molded into a leaf shape.

Airleaf modules are assembled using small plastic clips and then mounted on an aluminum rail that may be fixed to a wall or ceiling. Much like an autumn day, Airleaf is available in 30 different colors.

Support your next creative idea with inspiring environments. At the same time the natural, sound absorbent material reduces noise and enhances the ambiance.

Bower Acoustic Privacy Paneling

Bower Acoustic Privacy Paneling

Entirely modular, the Bower range of products is designed for ease of assembling on-site in workplaces. The design of Bower contributes to the acoustic nature of the product with its undulating shapes which catch and absorb unwanted noise.

Seeking to break away from the rigidity one associates with office furniture, a wood frame has vertical pieces spaced along the width.


Hex Dimensions: 55.1”w 15.7″d 61.4″h or 71.2″h.

Straight: 54.3″w; 61.4″h or 71.2″. Feet are 19.6″w. | Actual thickness of screens are 2″ thick

Woven Surround: Acoustic felt

Material: 100% Polyester (Covering is 100% PET)

Counter Shield Sneeze Guards

While providing privacy and giving focus to workers, the Desk Shield is designed to also help protect your health while you need to work. With a strong aluminum frame along the sides and area in front of you, you can maintain clear communication while maintaining social distance.

  • Can anchor to a surface or be free standing. Multiple screens can be linked together.

  • Aluminum frame is made from 75% recycled content.(Basic and Wrap)

  • Easy to assemble and clean. Use healthcare-grade cleaners without damaging the finish or affecting the panels.

  • Panel options meet indoor air quality standards.

  • Classic – Small: 36” W x 28” H x 6″ D ; Large: 63” W x 28” H x 6″ D

  • Wrap  – Small: 32” W x 28” H x 13” D ; Large: 59” W x 28” H x 13” D

  • Basic – Small: 32” W x 28” H x 6″ D ; Large: 59” W x 28” H x 6″ D

  • Lite – Small: 24” W x 24” H x 10″ D ; Large: 48” W x 24” H x 10″ D

DB Acoustic
Partition Walls

DB Acoustic Partition Walls

A lightweight, sound absorbing screening system. The intent was to provide the user with a series of screens and accessories that allows the ability to configure and personalize their space in a way that is productive to the individual. Characterized by great attention to materials and an uncompromising design, the dB screens come in many sizes and can be upholstered in almost any textile. 


Hex Dimensions: 55.1”w 15.7″d 61.4″h or 71.2″h.

Straight: 54.3″w; 61.4″h or 71.2″. Feet are 19.6″w. | Actual thickness of screens are 2″ thick

Woven Surround: Acoustic felt

Material: 100% Polyester (Covering is 100% PET)


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