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Laboratory and Industrial Solutions

Design. Build. Deliver.

Our client’s success is a result of having strong communication and taking ownership over what we build. OnePointe Solutions customers value our quality, timeliness, and service on each and every order.

Custom Classroom Furniture

Casework, fume-hoods and more for your perfect learning environment.

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Research and Testing Laboratories

Next generation custom furnishings with ample chemical, bacterial, and stress resistances

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Fully-welded, Heavy-Duty Furniture

Custom builds for any space.


Serving Clients Nationwide

We may be local to Austin, Texas but our quality work can be found in spaces all around the country. Our team travels to you to make sure that we understand your needs, get the right measurements and install the final product on time.

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We may be local to Austin, Texas but our quality work can be found in spaces all around the country.

What we Guarantee

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Shortest Lead Times on the Market

Along with guaranteed delivery and installation times up front, we provide quotes the same day and, on average, only need three days for drawings. That means you can get your operation up and running as soon as possible.

Fully Custom

When you customize options from a catalog, it costs you more time and energy in the long run. We’re professionals who deliver custom solutions and we start with the best pricing, right away.

Durable and USA Made

Not all equipment is created equal. Our materials are rigorously tested and certified by the Scientific Equipment & Furniture Association. OnePointe provides solutions that always meet the standard – our standard – of unmatched quality.

Success by Design

Success by design is our hallmark. We’re called OnePointe Solutions because we manufacture, design and install the best solutions for diverse, specialized environments.

As professional lab consultants, and the country’s leading provider of lab furniture and custom workbenches, we provide mission-critical products and services to some of the best practitioners and innovators in medicine, science and industry. Whether you’re creating someone’s perfect smile, or percolating trends in coffee, fragrances or eyewear, our laboratory layouts are designed to maximize your investment through efficient use of space, durability, safety, and SEFA compliance.

We Are Your Laboratory Partner

From electronic components to environmental engineering; university labs, blood labs and stem cell labs, we help plan for your future success when considering your design. Whenever possible, we ensure that you can expand your mission without rebuilding it from scratch.

Planning for success means designing for it. Whether you require a new build, or a laboratory renovation, our lab builders will be there on time, anywhere in the U.S., to perfectly implement your custom design so that your work starts on time.

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