Materials Science Lab Design

Though the general public may not realize it, there are materials that exist in the world that have yet to be discovered. Material science and engineering deal with the research, discovery, and creation of new materials by incorporating elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering.

The discovery of new materials could help to uncover solutions to global depletion of natural resources, and may offers solutions to problems previously thought unsolvable. Material science is also used to analyze failed components of materials to uncover why they fail in certain applications.

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The handling of diverse materials requires a lab specially equipped to process a variety of samples, and often have extensive equipment and tool requirements to accommodate a range of procedures. Material science and engineering play an important role in ensuring materials can safely be used in manufacturing, for example, the metals used to build planes.

The careful study of the structure of various materials can prevent accidents, improve durability, and uncover new solutions to old problems. 

Material Science and Engineering Lab Furniture

As a full-service laboratory design and construction firm, we have been designing, building, and installing lab furniture for more than a decade, and have built a wealth of knowledge and expertise as a result. Our experience informs each and every design job we take on, and we are proud to be able to offer clients from virtually every industry the same quality experience and results.

For material science and engineering labs, we provide a range of furniture to help accommodate every area of your work. 

Fume Hoods

When handling potentially toxic or noxious materials, it is important to consider environmental and personnel safety during the process. Many toxic agents produce fumes or may produce aerosols during the course of testing. While inhalation may not be a problem with some substances, others can cause serious illness, injury, infection, or inflammation to laboratory personnel. In order to prevent accidental exposure to toxic fumes, all material science labs should be equipped with one or more fume hoods.

Fume hoods draw toxic fumes and vapors away from the work area, instead drawing the polluted air away and through a series of filters to remove the toxins that are present. Fume hoods provide an isolated area for researchers to handle toxic materials and help to ensure fumes do not accumulate in the work area, in the larger facility, or in the environment surrounding the lab. 

Microscope Tables

In order to study the molecular and chemical properties of samples, material science and engineering labs are often equipped with high-powered microscopes. Microscopy requires a certain degree of precisions and stillness, which can be difficult to come across in a busy laboratory environment. 

Microscope tables offer a permanent storage solution for these delicate instruments, and ensure they are readily available at a workstation whenever needed by a member of the team. Microscope tables help to keep microscopes and other equipment safe and secure while aiding in the comfortable use of the tools for the purposes of examining material samples. Our microscope tables can be custom configured to suit the needs of your facility and are designed with anti-vibration features to help ensure the accuracy of your work. 


The variety of testing done in a material sciences laboratory often requires a similar variety of equipment and furniture. To accommodate the needs of all members of your material science and engineering team, OnePointe Solutions offers fully customizable workstations in a variety of surface material options and configurations.

Choose from the following accessories to create your own custom workbench or table solution:

  • LCD monitor arms & computer mounts
  • Manual or automatic adjustable controls
  • Drawers & mounted casework
  • ESD benches
  • Cooling device & sound dampening enclosures
  • Fully modular shelving
  • Mounted uprights
  • Power, data, & plumbing raceways
  • Surge protection
  • Installed plugs & bottom mounted plugs
  • Mounted plug strips
  • Overhead LED lights and sealed overhead LED lights
  • Computer holders
  • Steel and particle board pegboards
  • Wirer managers
  • Bin box rails
  • Footrests & ergonomic support systems
  • Rolling and locking casters
  • Tool balancers 
  • Keyboard trays
  • Grommet holes
  • Roll holders
  • Shelf dividers (vertical)
  • Edge rails
  • Upper and lower bin shelves


The safe housing and organization of the many samples handled in a material science lab is of the utmost importance, since an unorganized lab can lead to inaccurate results, cross-contamination, poor workflow, and reduced productivity. Piles of samples, paperwork, cords, and other equipment can quickly pile up, and without a system in place, it is easy to find yourself overrun by your own laboratory. 

Our custom casework options are the perfect solution to disorganization and like our workbenches and tables, can be made to fit your facility’s unique needs. We have designed casework solutions for labs of every size and scope, so no matter the needs of your material science lab, we can create an ideal solution. Some of the casework configurations you can choose from include: 

  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Base casework
  • Lab islands
  • Mobile lab casework/casework on casters
  • Suspended and under-desk mounted casework
  • Corner cabinets

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