Agricultural and Seed Laboratory Design

Agricultural and seed laboratories measure seed characteristics for the purposes of improving best known agricultural practices. Seed labs test seeds for factors like germination viability, genetic purity, seed safety, herbicide tolerance, and more.

Agricultural labs also help to prevent the accidental importation of non-native or invasive species. The vital research performed in agricultural and seed labs helps ensure strong and plentiful crop yields and aid in the protection of critical native plants and environments. 

As lab builders, we provide comprehensive design, build, and installation services to our laboratory clients around the nation. We built custom tables, casework, and workstations and have worked with facilities from virtually every industry, and have built a wealth of knowledge and experience that helps inform the work we do today. 

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What to Look for When Choosing a Seed Lab Facility

Unlike some labs where samples can easily be stored away, many agricultural and seed labs perform research on living seedlings and plants in order to assess factors like germination, growth rate, flowability, etc. Seeds themselves may not take up much space, but seedlings, plants, and their planters do. Plants need space to grow, which means you will need to choose a facility with plenty of space. 

Some seed labs work almost entirely with seeds, which require slightly less space. This said all labs should always be equipped with plenty of storage space so as to avoid clutter, overcrowding, and disorganization. When choosing a space, be sure to also consider water availability, already installed HVAC systems, and electrical limitations of the facility. If you plan to plant seeds, they will need plenty of water, sunlight, and space, so be prepared to accommodate. 

OnePointe Solutions can help you create custom furniture featuring outlets and power strips, overhead lighting, plumbing, and other exciting add-ons to make your seed lab run smoothly. 

Agricultural and Seed Lab Furniture

Though the facility space you choose is important, the lab furniture you fill it with will be what truly creates a workspace flow. Functional, ergonomically designed furniture will work for you, fitting into your lab and improving comfort and productivity. Though the needs of each individual lab will be different, there are a few key pieces of lab furniture every seed and agricultural lab absolutely needs. 


Due to their tiny stature, seeds require well-organized storage in order to avoid mixing of species, batches, etc. Some seed labs may perform storage studies on their seeds, testing their viability after a certain period of time, therefore requiring ample long-term storage. Other labs may only handle seeds for a short time, but will nevertheless need storage for the seeds and the rest of their equipment, tools, and samples. 

OnePointe Solutions offers a wide range of laboratory casework that can be customized to perfectly fit the needs of your facility. We carry casework in a massive variety of configurations from wall cabinets and floor mounted casework to suspended under-workbench cabinets and suspended shelving to add additional storage to your workspace. Choose your ideal configuration, add on any accessories you want, and select the material that will work best for your seed lab. Some of the types of casework we offer include:

  • Base cabinets
  • Sink cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Mobile cabinets
  • Suspended cabinets
  • Wall shelving
  • Modular reagent shelving
  • Fixed reagent shelving
  • Lab islands
  • Corner cabinets


Much of the work done in seed labs involves the close inspection and testing of seeds, seedlings, and plant samples. Workbenches give laboratory personnel a comfortable space to perform their work, and aid in the creation of a good workplace flow. A well-built workbench should be sturdy, ergonomic, and equipped with everything you need for success. Because of this, generic options just don’t work, which is why you should choose a custom laboratory workbench from OnePointe Solutions. 

Like with our casework, we work closely with each of our clients to determine the best solution for their agricultural or seed laboratory’s needs. We assess everything from work preferences to material requirements to help you optimize your lab for productivity, safety, and personnel comfort. To help ensure that the workbenches we provide fulfill the needs of your staff, we offer a number of optional accessories: 

  • Computer mounts
  • Drawers
  • Mounted casework
  • Modular shelving
  • Plug and power strips
  • Steel and particle board pegboards
  • Footrests and ergonomic supports
  • Overhead LED lighting
  • Casters
  • Edge rails
  • Keyboard trays
  • Upper and lower bin shelves

Appropriate Surface Materials

Surface material can make or break the success of your seed lab furniture, since making the wrong choice can lead to a whole bunch of inconveniences down the road. While seed and agricultural labs use relatively low levels of corrosive materials, there are some important considerations to be made before you make your final choice. 

Agricultural lab furniture should be easy to clean/sanitize, moisture and water-resistant, and durable against staining, scratching, and pitting. Great options for seed lab furniture materials include epoxy resin, phenolic resin, or wood for a touch of warmth and nature within your facility. The materials we offer include: 

  • Epoxy resin
  • Stainless steel
  • Phenolic resin
  • Maple block
  • Formica

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