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Feed the Future.

Our experts design lab countertops like stainless steel to provide sterilization and long lasting endurance. We understand the importance of impact and bacterial resistance when it comes to your food science laboratory.

That's an impressive and incomplete list of literally all the amazing things food scientists do.


OnePointe Solutions knows that, and it's why we pride ourselves on working with the people who feed the future.

Our experts and craftsmen design, manufacture, and build lab furniture and laboratories customized to give food scientists the spaces and equipment they need to change the future.

Grow Better

Draftsmen and Craftsmen

We are the leading manufacturer of custom lab furniture in the country. Design, safety, ergonomics, durability and usage inform everything we do. Our solutions give you manufacturer pricing and on-time installation means that your team starts on time


And We'll Build Anywhere.

Whether you're creating disease resistant corn in Iowa, or growing meat in a lab in California, we'll go to you and build the custom lab design you need to make a better world a reality.

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