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We are a supplier of tables, workbenches, and casework for the medical lab industry. Ask us for a quote!

The Foundation of a Modern, Interconnected Medical Lab

Let us provide the right furniture to go with your equipment. We work with companies like LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, Bio-Reference, Clinical Pathology Lab, and more.

Our lab benches, cabinets, and seating are built to house medical lab equipment. We provide a foundation for technologically savvy and ergonomic medical testing labs.

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All our lab furniture, flooring, and equipment are SEFA compliant, and our products have undergone rigorous, third-party testing. We've earned a reputation that has allowed us to expand nationally. We're now recognized as the leading manufacturer of custom lab furniture and workbenches in the country. Design, safety, ergonomics; durability, and aesthetics inform everything we do. We also provide manufacturer pricing and prompt installation, which means that your team starts on time.

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From coast to coast, we'll come to you and build the custom lab design you need to make a better, safer world a reality. Investing in a LIS software? Ask us for a referral, we can point you to the right source.

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Lean Design Techniques for Medical Labs and CROs

Lean design principals have been widely adopted by designers of facilities in every industry since its introduction in the 1990s. A Lean laboratory is a facility designed with the goal of reducing mistakes and increasing efficiency and productivity, with the efficient use of resources at the core of these principals.

The success of Lean design is measured with the use of the ‘Magic Triangle’, whose three corners represent quality, resources, and time, all of which should be balanced for optimum Lean lab results. 

In essence, Lean laboratory design aims at eliminating wasted steps and redundancies to improve workflow. Implementing Lean lab techniques can help you to produce more consistent lab results, increase productivity, reduce costs, and so on.

Several techniques can be used to create a lean lab, including taking steps like value stream mapping, in which every step of a particular process is analyzed to determine which steps add value and which can be eliminated. The same principals can be applied when selecting furniture, designing the layout of your clinical research lab, or choosing special equipment. 

Modular & Customizable Lab Furniture Options

To aid in the organization and design of your medical lab, OnePointe Solutions offers modular furniture options that can be customized to perfectly meet the needs of your lab. We design, build, and install custom lab tables, seating, and casework in a variety of configurations and featuring tons of optional accessories and lab work surface materials. For medical labs handling biological materials, we offer biosafety cabinets, anti-microbial casework, and pharmaceutical or cleanroom design services to help prevent the spread of infectious disease and advance medical research. 

Key to the success of any medical lab, our furniture meets all standard requirements for cleanliness and durability, all with the added benefit of coming in flexible and modular options. Flexibility allows your contract research organization lab to efficiently transition from one type of research to another without lots of downtime or a long adjustment period.

Blood Banks and Immunology Unique Concerns

When designing blood banks and immunology centers, you must comply with Federal Code of Regulations 21CFR 211, subpart C “Current Good Manufacturing Practice for Finished Pharmaceuticals”. These regulations dictate how biological samples like blood must be stored, distributed, and transported between areas and facilities.

Modular casework and floor plan layouts will come into play when designing your analytical testing lab around these guidelines.

On-Site Consultations At No Cost To You

On-site consultations help us to understand the full scope of your clinical testing lab, from space and configuration considerations to the nature of the work your team performs. Our team comes directly to your medical lab to assess the project, working closely with your team to develop a plan, create complimentary custom 3D renderings, and come up with a quote for the completion of the project.

We’ll help you optimize your facility’s layout, choose the right furniture, select appropriate materials, then design, build, and install your custom furniture so you are never stuck dealing with third party companies. Contact us for all of your laboratory design and construction needs.


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