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Drilling Down to Design.

We're like Novocaine and laughing gas combined when it comes to painless installation of dental office fabrications. Furniture, dental cabinets and casework, dental carts and sinks; overhead LED lighting and flooring are our forte, along with professional design and installation. Our custom steel products are U.S. built and third-party tested for strength and durability.

Capping the Cost and Filling in the Details.


As one of the most significant investments you'll make, you need your office to be high performance and low maintenance, with parts that don't break. Not only must you meet your local building codes, you need to be SEFA compliant, and ADA compliant(the other ADA). We help you design, (or redesign) within your budget by offering wholesale pricing.

Best Case Scenario

Cosmetic Dentistry

Aestheticsand ergonomics go hand-in-hand. As a dentist, you deal with the mildly anxious, the secretly scared, and the truly phobic. We help make your space feel more like a spa than an operating room.

Brighten Your Smile

And We'll Build Anywhere.

We'll travel anywhere in the U.S. to design and build your office. As the best custom dental office and lab builder in the country, we've mastered the details. We've tamed this animal so that it doesn't bite you, and what dentist cares to be bitten, (though we're pretty sure it's happened before).

Tell It Like It Is.


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