Metallurgy Lab Design

Metals are used in virtually every type of product, from consumer goods like basic kitchen supplies or children’s toys to industrial machinery, medical equipment, electronics, and more. Before use in manufacturing, metallic elements go through a series of tests to assess and analyze their physical and chemical properties. 

Since metallurgy is a multidisciplinary science, metallurgical laboratories often employ professionals from a range of disciplines including industrial engineers, metallurgists, metallographers, lab technicians, chemists, and more.

The work conducted in metallurgical labs provides vital information to manufacturers in order to ensure consumer and industrial products are manufactured using only the safest and highest-quality materials. Metallurgy testing can determine factors like strength, heat resistance, chemical structure, and more, all to determine the safety of the material. 

As a laboratory design and construction firm, we provide full custom manufacturing and planning services to research and industrial organizations across the US.

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Choosing a Metallurgy Lab: What to Look For

Metallurgical labs come in all shapes and sizes, and in truth, can be just as efficient whether they are the size of a large closet or a warehouse. The only true consideration that must be made when selecting an appropriate facility for your metallurgy lab is ensuring all equipment, furniture, and personnel will comfortably fit inside. 

When selecting a facility for any type of lab, choosing one with adequate HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems is extremely important. The work you do will largely be fueled by your facility’s built-in resources, so be sure you aren’t compromising on quality, quantity, or efficiency when you choose a location. 

Metallurgy Lab Furniture

OnePointe Solutions specializes in building lab furniture for laboratories in virtually every industry and branch of science. With more than a decade of experience designing, building, and installing quality furniture solutions for our clients, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help us inform our clients and share the secrets to successful design. 

Metallurgy lab design should first and foremost be made to optimize workflow. Adequate work surfaces, storage space, areas between stations to allow for movement, comfortable seating, optimally placed equipment, and more are all important elements of a functioning metallurgical lab.

As such, each facility will have its own unique design challenges for which you will need to find equally unique solutions. 

Microscope Workbenches

Within our comprehensive range of laboratory workbenches, we also offer workbenches outfitted with specialty equipment housing for frequently used tools like microscopes. Researchers working in metallurgy labs used microscopy to document and measure the microstructures of various minerals.

Our microscope lab tables make microscopy easy by providing permanent storage space for microscopes of every kind and a workstation all in one. 

Though metallurgy labs handle delicate procedures like those performed in the course of microscopy research, they also use heavy equipment for the grinding, polishing, splitting, and etching of minerals. These pieces of machinery often produce intense vibrations which may disrupt more sensitive equipment and results. To prevent disrupting vibrations, our microscope tables are designed with anti-vibration features. 

Lab Sinks

Metallurgy labs should have several sinks at strategic points to allow for convenient hand and specimen washing whenever needed. Our epoxy resin sink tops make a great addition to any lab, combining ample work surface with easy to access sinks for fast cleanup and all your other water needs.

We provide quality solutions for drop-in sinks, double drop-in sinks, and custom ADA compliant sinks. 

Lab Islands & Modular Furniture

Lab islands are a great way to use empty space in a metallurgy lab, providing additional work surfaces and storage space where there would otherwise only be empty space. Many of our lab islands come in modular varieties, and we can create custom modular furniture solutions so your lab can transform with the nature of your work. 


Metallurgy labs see many samples come and go, requiring that they have ample storage space, regardless of size. At OnePointe Solutions, we work with our clients to create incredible storage that integrates perfectly with the flow of your lab.

Adequate storage space is about more than just keeping your lab organized; it also helps to optimize workflow, improve efficiency, and reduce spills, accidents, and workplace injury. We offer casework in a variety of configurations including: 

  • Base cabinets
  • Sink cabinets
  • Wall cabinets
  • Mobile cabinets
  • Suspended cabinets
  • Wall shelving
  • Modular & fixed reagent shelving
  • Corner cabinets

Appropriate Surface Materials

Choosing the right surface materials for your lab will all depend on the nature of your work and how often your furniture will come in contact with moisture, vibrations and heavy impacts, corrosive chemicals, high heat, open flame, and so on. We offer lab furniture made with the following surface materials: 

  • Epoxy Resin: High moisture, impact, and corrosion resistance. Not for high-heat applications, though able to withstand heat up to a certain point – may be useful in metallurgy labs
  • Phenolic Resin: High moisture, impact, and corrosion resistance. Not for high-heat applications
  • Stainless Steel: High moisture, corrosion, impact, and microbial resistance. May be useful in metallurgy labs
  • ESD Laminate: Best for use in static-free environments
  • HDPE: High moisture and stain resistance. Not for high-impact applications

Building Out a Metals Lab?

Our team of laboratory designers can create the ideal space for your needs and install it, turnkey! Choose from a wide range of impact and corrosion-resistant materials that are sleek and ergonomic.

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