Anti-Microbial Lab Cabinets

At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize in designing and building fully customizable lab cabinets and casework for our clients in every industry. Our cabinets and casework are built in accordance with the highest industry standards and feature tons of optional accessories and configurations.

We are experienced and well versed in the requirements of various laboratory settings, and are proud to offer special features like anti-microbial coatings for additional protection in labs handling biological agents, infectious diseases, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products. 

What Does it Mean to be Anti-Microbial? 

Anti-microbial refers to agents that kill or prevent the growth of microbes and bacteria. Non-antimicrobial surfaces allow for the accumulation of bacteria, microbes, infectious agents, etc., and can make for ideal bacterial growth environments.

Anti-microbial lab cabinets from OnePointe Solutions are finished with a special anti-microbial coating designed to prevent personnel exposure to bacteria and infectious agents and to maintain the cleanliness of the lab environment. 

Why You Need Anti-Microbial Cabinets

Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial cabinets are ideal in lab environments handling biological agents and infectious diseases, and can typically be found in BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratory settings. The process of testing and researching infectious agents can produce droplets and aerosols, result in spills or splashes, and personnel exposure to potentially harmful or deadly microbes. 

In these circumstances, the use of anti-viral cabinets is highly-encouraged, making the job of decontaminating the workspace easier and more effective. Without anti-microbial casework, dangerous microbes could evade regular cleaning procedures, continuing to grow on vulnerable surfaces even after thorough sanitation has taken place.

Anti-microbial coatings may also be useful in food testing and production, helping to prevent contamination of consumer products. 

Anti-microbial coatings kill and slow the growth of microbes from the moment they meet, helping to ensure your work environment is safe, clean, and free from infectious materials. Our anti-microbial coating is durable and long-lasting, protecting your lab for years without succumbing to wear and tear. 

Custom Design and Configurations

At OnePointe Solutions, we are proud to be involved in every step of the design, build, and installation process. Unlike some lab furniture designers that rely on third-party builders and installation services to execute their vision, our team handles everything from top to bottom. When you choose OnePointe Solutions to handle the design of your anti-microbial lab cabinets, our team will come directly to your lab facility anywhere in the U.S. to perform an on-site assessment.

Our design team works closely with you to determine the needs of your facility, examine the space, and create custom 3D drawings and renders so you can see your vision come to life. Once you settle on a design, our manufacturing team gets to work, building your custom lab cabinets right here in the U.S.

Once completed, we will bring your casework to your facility and perform all installation services so you never have to re-explain your process to third-party companies. 

Types of Cabinets

Vital to our success at OnePointe Solutions is the incredible variety we offer to our customers. No matter what kind of lab furniture you are in the market for, we likely have a solution or can build one custom to perfectly suit your needs.

We have created high-quality lab cabinets for labs of every size and scope and across every industry, and now offer a range of cabinet types to accommodate any lab. At OnePointe Solutions, we offer the following types of anti-microbial laboratory cabinets: 

  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Base cabinets
  • Sink cabinets
  • Tall cabinets
  • Islands
  • Cabinets on casters (locking and rolling)
  • Suspended cabinets

We offer a variety of material offerings, including anti-microbial stainless steel that is food-safe, easy to clean, and highly resistant to corrosive materials. Our lab cabinets feature a 5-year warranty, are carefully built to be effective in a variety of settings.

Our cabinets are used to store, protect, and organize important tools and equipment, and aid in the advancement of scientific research and discovery.

Full Laboratory Design

We do more than just design anti-microbial lab cabinets; our team has the experience and expertise necessary to provide our clients with full laboratory design services so no inch of your facility is wasted. Our team can design your lab around existing HVAC systems, provide valuable insight into workplace flow, and offer custom lab furniture options for virtually every area of your facility. 

We offer lab workbenches, biosafety cabinets and fume hoods, laboratory seating, and much more to help you create a comfortable, safe, productive environment for all members of staff. Customize everything about your lab furniture to create your ultimate solution, and choose from a range of optional add-on accessories, materials, and finishes to make your lab your own.

Speak with a Lab Design Specialist

With the help of our team at OnePointe Solutions, you will build a lab that you can be proud to show to friends and colleagues. Whether you need to renovate a water treatment lab, or need a quick turn around on an immunopathology facility.

Call us at (866) 612-7312, filling out an online contact form, or chatting with us on the bottom right of your screen.

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