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04.08.2021 | Sydney Cross

How To Get Your General Contractor’s License in Alabama

Alabama real estate is on the up and up since most current construction is either outdated or unfit for use. As such, there are tons of opportunities for professionals working in construction, including general contractors looking to take the lead on major projects around the state.  General contractors take on several roles throughout the building

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How To Get A General Contractor's License in Alaska
04.01.2021 | Sydney Cross

How To Get Your General Contractor’s License in Alaska

General contractors are the general managers of a construction project, coordinating every piece of the building process from start to finish to keep everything running smoothly and on time. General contractors are involved in every step of the process from creating initial estimates and placing a bid to finalizing the last details of a finished

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03.24.2021 | Sydney Cross

What Does a Construction Estimator Do?

When it comes to constructing or designing a lab, or outfitting an industrial or commercial space, dozens of steps need to be completed before a construction project can begin, not least of which includes securing financial backing for the project. Before an investor will commit to funding a project or a bank will approve a

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03.15.2021 | Sydney Cross

Quality Inspector: What Does the Job Entail?

When a customer purchases an item, they expect that item to work, look, and feel as advertised, and even the smallest deviation from their expectations could negatively affect their experience or even prompt them to make a return. Sticking to the script and producing consistent, reliable products isn’t just good for company reputation, it is

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03.11.2021 | Sydney Cross

Solar Panels: Types, Efficiencies, & More

The sun creates an enormous amount of energy, so much in fact that the amount of energy produced by the sun on Earth in a single hour is more than enough to power the entire world for a year. Offering a virtually unlimited supply of power, solar energy is thought by many to be the

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03.05.2021 | Sydney Cross

How To Become a Plant Manager

The daily operations of a manufacturing plant are carried out in a carefully coordinated dance requiring all members of staff to perfectly execute their steps. While everyone from the factory floor to the customer service offices plays an important role, none is more important than the plant manager. Plant managers are responsible for overseeing the

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How to install quartz counterops
03.03.2021 | Sydney Cross

How to Install Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are a popular option among many commercial projects like offices suites and breakrooms designs and among industrial designers and builders, since these part-natural, part-artificial countertops can be made to mimic virtually any natural stone, are highly durable, and are easier to cut, shape, and handle than natural materials like granite. Quartz countertops are

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How ro clean quartz countertops
02.25.2021 | Sydney Cross

Quartz Countertops: Maintenance and Care

Quartz countertops are an alternative to natural stone, offering superior durability against cracks and pits with the same incredible tensile strength and resistance to moisture and stains. Quartz countertops are favored by designers in various commercial industries since quartz can easily withstand extended use, regular cleaning, and exposure to moderate heat, moisture, and most household/commercial

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types of welding
02.19.2021 | Sydney Cross

11 Types Of Welding

Welding is a metal joining technique (also used on thermoplastics) that uses high heat to melt and fuse base materials. In addition to melting the base material, welders also apply a melted filler which helps to bond the pieces together once cooled. Whereas other types of metal joining depend entirely on the filler ‘adhesive’ to

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