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06.18.2020 | Sydney Cross

Phenolic Resin vs. Epoxy Resin Countertops

Selecting furniture for a lab does not just mean choosing the items that appeal most to your aesthetic sensibilities or those pieces that fit in your budget. The job of furnishing a lab requires you to pay close attention to every detail of your selections, and one of the most important details will always be

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06.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Care for Stainless Steel in Cleanrooms & Pharmaceutical Labs

Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical labs typically handle the testing or manufacturing of materials that are sensitive to environmental contamination. In cleanrooms, researchers and technicians may be handling any number of vulnerable materials, since cleanrooms are used for the manufacturer of everything from semiconductors to OLED displays.  Similarly, pharmaceutical labs may handle any number of chemicals, substances,

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06.05.2020 | Matthew Benson

A Day in the Life of an Analytical Scientist w/ Curtis Guild, PhD

Curt joins us for this week’s episode to discuss his journey in analytical chemistry. He is a currently a Contract Analytical Scientist at Cytiva (formerly GE Life Sciences), volunteers for high school science olympiads, and helps build resources supporting some of the field’s most complex instrumentation. He recently founded Centaur Technologies, a company built to

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05.29.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Value of Custom Laboratory Casework

The uninitiated may be under the impression that all laboratories are the same, all featuring the same rows of basic workbenches, the same open shelving, and the same utility requirements like plumbing, HVAC, filtration, electric, etc. In reality, each lab has its own unique needs, requiring its own unique design and configuration.  To further take

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05.29.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Start a Science Writing Agency w/ Kristen Slawinski

How to Start a Science Writing Agency w/ Kristen Slawinski, PhD, Founder & CEO of Biofluent Communications Do you think you’d feel fulfilled working full time as a freelance writer or running your own agency? Kristen Slawinski is the founder & CEO of Biofluent communications. Her journey has included completing her PhD in Biology, working

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05.28.2020 | Scott Sewell

Under the Microscope – Andrea Redinger

Under the Microscope is a new series of interviews from OnePointe Solutions aimed at highlighting the various heroes of the hallways in high schools and colleges across the country. First up, is Andrea Redinger,a biology teacher from Greensburg Salem High School in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. What challenges do you face as a high school biology teacher

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