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03.16.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Choose a Lab Bench Work Surface Material

Different types of labs require different work surface materials for laboratory workbenches. The 7 most commonly used countertop materials for scientific or industrial use are epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, maple block (aka butcher block or wood block), solid surface, HDPE, and ESD laminate. Due to the use of caustic reagents and complex instrumentation,

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03.13.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Select Casework for Your Lab

If you are in the market for laboratory casework, you have found the right place. At OnePointe Solutions, we have been helping our customers design and furnish some of the nation’s best labs for more than a decade. We know all the ins and outs of laboratory design and have encountered every type of challenge

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03.11.2020 | Matthew Benson

Biosafety Lab Requirements for Coronavirus Research

The recent spread of the novel COVID-19, or ‘coronavirus’, has resulted in an increase in biosafety research efforts surrounding the virus and finding a potential treatment option. Coronaviruses cause respiratory disease in mammals and birds, though certain coronavirus species can be more infections than others. COVID-19 is one of these more infectious varieties and has

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03.07.2020 | Matthew Benson

Laboratory Design and Planning Guide for 2020

We have aided in the designing and building of countless laboratory projects nationwide, creating safe, high-tech environments for researchers to perform groundbreaking research in the worlds of pharmaceuticals, cannabis testing, diagnostic research, pathology, forensics, and more. Our clients love the flexibility of our designs and rely on us for our years of experience and expertise.

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biosafety lab levels
03.04.2020 | Matthew Benson

Biosafety Levels Explained for 2020

In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) specify four biosafety levels. Each level is a series of biosafety requirements for labs conducting research on biological agents.  Laboratories classified under BSL designations must consider their level’s requirements not only during day-to-day operations, but also when selecting a

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02.27.2020 | Matthew Benson

How to Start a Dental Lab in 2020

Launch a Successful Dental Lab In this guide we will show you how to start your own dental lab. We’ll go over how to find what services you will offer, build a dental lab budget, and laying out your space with the right furniture and equipment. As dental implants and permanent solutions to missing and

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02.25.2020 | Matthew Benson

REBUF – A Simple Lab Design Framework

REBUF is an acronym – it stands for “Research, Budget, Facilities” – that is designed to simplify complex decisions around buying lab furniture. The basic idea is simple: What are the constraints of your research, what kind of budget are you dealing with, an d what are the physical constraints of the space you’ll be

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02.25.2020 | Matthew Benson

Different Types of Mass Spec Instruments

What is Mass Spectrometry Mass spectrometry deals with the quantifying and qualifying of the molecular components of a sample. Ideal for chemical testing, testing for soil and water quality, pharmaceutical potency and structure, cannabis testing, and other bioscience research, spectrometry is now a broad and varied field. Like the field itself, spectrometry equipment is diverse

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02.21.2020 | Matthew Benson

Cleanroom and ESD Seating

Looking for high-quality, cost-effective seating for your controlled environment? Visit our custom chair configurator to easily build the right chair for your space. ESD Environment Seating Our ESD anti-static chairs are developed specifically for the handling of sensitive electronics.  They feature proper grounding, conductive, and dissipative static control materials, and have been tested to meet

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