Lab Trends: Navigating 2024 with OnePointe Solutions

As we embark on the scientific frontiers of 2024, laboratories are witnessing a transformation driven by technological innovations, sustainability, and a commitment to fostering collaborative research environments. Let’s explore how enhancing these five key lab trends will define tomorrow’s breeding grounds of science.

1. Flexible and Adaptable Spaces

At OnePointe Solutions, we understand the importance of adaptability in lab environments. Our modular furniture and flexible lab bench solutions allow researchers to easily reconfigure their workspaces, promoting collaboration and accommodating the evolving needs of scientific endeavors. By providing versatile furniture options, we can contributes to the creation of dynamic and collaborative lab spaces.

FLEX Lab Systems with Mobile Cabinets
Flex systems with mobile cabinets
Basalt Grey Mobile Lab furniture
Proteus Lab Tables (modular laboratory benches)

2. Technology Integration

Keeping pace with the demand for advanced technology in laboratories, it’s key to have laboratory benches equipped with integrated technology solutions. At OnePointe Solutions, we offer state-of-the-art lab benches like ESD workbenches equipped with features like built-in data ports, electrical outlets, and connectivity features, ensuring that researchers can seamlessly integrate their equipment and technology into their workspace.

esd workbench with data and electrical outlets for college electronics lab
ESD workbenhes with electiral outlets and grounding

3. Sustainable Lab Practices

With a growing emphasis on environmental responsibility, laboratories are adopting sustainable design principles. This includes energy-efficient lighting, eco-friendly materials, and waste reduction strategies. Laboratories now strive to achieve LEED certification, signaling a commitment to scientific advancement and environmental stewardship. At OnePointe Solutions, we carry LEED-certified work materials like traditional epoxy resin, phenolic resin, and greenstone epoxy resin, and we practice responsible sourcing for our plastic laminate casework to help incorporate sustainable materials in your lab environment.

White powder coated metal casework with epoxy resin countertops
Epoxy resin countertops in the color black onyx
White Phenolic Casework Fixed Islands with Fume Hoods
Phenolic resin countertops in the color graphite

4. Human-Centric Design

Recognizing the importance of the human element in scientific research, lab designs are becoming more human-centric. Ensuring you have ergonomic furniture, well-lit spaces, and comfortable breakout areas contributes to a healthier and more productive work environment. Prioritizing the well-being of researchers is integral to fostering creativity and innovation within the lab setting. 

5. Collaborative Spaces and Interdisciplinary Integration

In 2024, collaboration is woven into lab design’s fabric. Open layouts and shared spaces foster interdisciplinary interactions, breaking silos for accelerated scientific discovery. Recognizing this, at OnePointe Solutions, our collaborative furniture solutions promote a sense of community, from custom workstations to shared lab benches. By enhancing the collaborative spirit, we contribute to the integral aspect of scientific breakthroughs.

Blue and White Laboratory Casework
Open lab design by OnePointe Solutions


The future of laboratory design is an exhilarating journey marked by innovation, sustainability, and a heightened focus on the well-being of researchers. As we enter 2024, these lab trends redefine the scientific landscape, laying the groundwork for key discoveries and progress shaping our global future. With a dedication to embracing flexibility, cutting-edge technology, sustainability, human-centric design, and collaborative spaces, labs are evolving profoundly to address the challenges and opportunities of the next era in scientific exploration.

Are You Ready to Redesign Your Lab?

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