05.07.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Get More Contracting Business in 2020

During the best of times, connecting with potential customers, fostering leads, and bagging big-ticket projects can be challenging tasks. Now, with many businesses closed and their futures uncertain, the effort to simply stay afloat may seem like a daunting challenge.  Despite a halt in operation for certain companies, the busiest season for general contractors is

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05.01.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Start a General Contracting Business

General contracting can be rewarding and for many construction professionals, starting their own general contracting business is the ultimate goal. Overseeing multiple commercial projects is not only an exciting prospect but can also provide you with lucrative opportunities.  At OnePointe Solutions, we have worked with countless general contractors to design, build, and install custom furniture

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04.28.2020 | Sydney Cross

Lab Safety Symbols

Table of Contents Fire Safety Symbols Fire Extinguisher Flammable No Open Flames Oxidizing Material Hazard Symbols Biohazard Corrosive Material Hazard Explosive Material General Warning  Health Hazard High Voltage Laser Beam Hazard Low Temperature Toxic Material/Poison UV Light Physical Safety Symbols Breathing Masks Eyewash Station First Aid Station Food and Drink Prohibited Gloves Required No Pacemakers

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04.28.2020 | Matthew Benson

En Espanol: Construyendo un Laboratorio de Cannabis

Contenido: Entendiendo la Legalidad Reclutando el Talento La Cadena de Suministros de la Industria del Cannabis Equipo de Laboratorio de la Industria del Cannabis Construyendo un Espacio de Laboratorio Adecuado As the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana spreads across the country, the cannabis industry continues to grow as a result. Sales of marijuana are

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04.27.2020 | Sydney Cross

What Is a LIMS and What Is It Used For?

A Laboratory Information Management System, or LIMS, is an important tool used by laboratories to improve workflow and organization. Providing a central interface for the organization and tracking of samples and testing, a LIMS software system assists lab managers with the difficult task of collecting and maintaining enormous amounts of data.  Traditional methods of recording

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04.24.2020 | Sydney Cross

Dairy Labs and Dairy Testing – An Overview

The production of dairy products of all kinds requires extensive testing from end to end, requiring facilities during every phase of the process to have on-site or local laboratory facilities available to perform testing. Dairy products like milk, kefir, yogurt, cheese, and so on are produced in food-safe facilities, designed to mitigate and prevent the

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04.20.2020 | Sydney Cross

Custom Veterinary Cabinetry

OnePointe Solutions provides custom cabinetry solutions for veterinary clinics and laboratories. Veterinary clinics have a unique design challenge, needing to create sanitary, well-organized spaces for both the treatment of animals in front of their owners and behind the scenes in a clinical setting.  Many veterinary clinics also have small laboratories on-site for basic testing. For

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04.17.2020 | Sydney Cross

Shelf Lives of Common Chemical Reagents

Laboratories in every industry use a variety of chemical reagents throughout the process of testing, analysis, and development. There are a virtually limitless number of uses for chemical reagents: In educational settings, reagents are used for the purpose of demonstrating chemical reactions and properties.  In testing facilities, reagents are used to assess materials for resistance

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04.17.2020 | Sydney Cross

Contamination Control Guidelines

Contamination control is the general term given to the process of eliminating and preventing contamination on surfaces and in the atmosphere. In a laboratory environment, adhering to proper contamination control guidelines helps to keep staff and the facility safe, and helps to prevent cross-contamination during the process of testing.  Depending on the nature of the

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