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10.20.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Basics of Electrical Components: An Overview

Electronic components are the pieces that make up an electronic system. Each tiny piece does a different job, and when connected together, can do complex tasks like computing. Using a fairly small number of standard electrical components, a virtually endless number of systems can be created. Here, we’ll share the most common and important electrical

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10.16.2020 | Sydney Cross

What Are Electrostatic-Dissipative Materials?

Plastics are naturally insulative, making them resistant to electric charge – meaning that electricity cannot easily travel through pure plastics. Because plastic inhibits the flow of electrons, a static charge is unable to dissipate and can remain on the surface of an item for quite some time. If you have ever experienced touching something (a

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07.01.2020 | Sydney Cross

Benefits of Custom Lab Workstations

Novice lab designers often make the mistake of ordering ready-made workstations to furnish their facilities. Generic lab tables and workstations are typically advertised as the more cost-effective option, and as a suitable ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution for any and all laboratory configurations.  Predictably, like most other one-size-fits-all products, ready-made lab furniture like workstations and tables will almost

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06.29.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Start a Millwork Company

Millwork companies create wood construction parts, like molding and cabinet pieces, that are finished and ready to be used for building/finishing projects. The role of millwork companies is an important one, since they provide builders and designers with the necessary parts to create high-quality, custom finished spaces like labs, teaching facilities, medical exam rooms, and

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06.18.2020 | Sydney Cross

Phenolic Resin vs. Epoxy Resin Countertops

Selecting furniture for a lab does not just mean choosing the items that appeal most to your aesthetic sensibilities or those pieces that fit in your budget. The job of furnishing a lab requires you to pay close attention to every detail of your selections, and one of the most important details will always be

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06.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Care for Stainless Steel in Cleanrooms & Pharmaceutical Labs

Cleanrooms and pharmaceutical labs typically handle the testing or manufacturing of materials that are sensitive to environmental contamination. In cleanrooms, researchers and technicians may be handling any number of vulnerable materials, since cleanrooms are used for the manufacturer of everything from semiconductors to OLED displays.  Similarly, pharmaceutical labs may handle any number of chemicals, substances,

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05.29.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Value of Custom Laboratory Casework

The uninitiated may be under the impression that all laboratories are the same, all featuring the same rows of basic workbenches, the same open shelving, and the same utility requirements like plumbing, HVAC, filtration, electric, etc. In reality, each lab has its own unique needs, requiring its own unique design and configuration.  To further take

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05.22.2020 | Sydney Cross

Types of SEFA-8 Tests

SEFA-8 testing changes slightly based on the surface material of your casework and the requirements of your lab. While some special materials may require specific testing to ensure they are up to par, the SEFA-8 standards typically consist of three relatively simple types of tests.  Mechanical Tests Mechanical tests measure how much weight your casework

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