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physical chemistry lab
05.27.2022 | Sydney Cross

What Is A Physical Chemistry Lab?

Physical chemistry is one of the most advanced and specialized branches of chemistry. The equipment needed to perform physical chemistry analysis and experiments is equally advanced and specialized, and will not be found in a general chemistry lab. Instead, physical chemistry is a science that requires its own laboratory space that’s customized with the devices

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organic lab equipment
05.25.2022 | Sydney Cross

Organic Chemistry Lab Equipment

As one of the most widely adaptable forms of chemistry, organic chemistry laboratories are in high demand. These spaces are primarily for researching and developing new compounds and synthetic materials.  The application of which applies to use in various industries. As a result, they often see heavy use. They are also stocked with highly specialized

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what is an organic chemistry lab
05.18.2022 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Organic Chemistry Lab?

Organic chemistry is a highly specialized branch of science. The equipment needed to run organic chemistry experiments and analysis won’t be in a general chemistry lab. Rather, organic chemistry requires specialized laboratory equipment in a dedicated lab space.  Whether you’re thinking about putting together an organic chemistry lab or renovating existing lab space for organic

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what is a biochemistry lab
05.12.2022 | Sydney Cross

What is a Biochemistry Lab?

In the realm of science, it takes a special place to perform certain research. There are very few one-size-fits-all laboratories. Instead, most laboratories are built to accommodate a specific type of research.  One such type of lab is the biochemistry lab, which, as its name implies, is focused on facilitating our understanding of the chemical

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inorganic chemistry lab equipment
05.10.2022 | Sydney Cross

Inorganic Chemistry Lab Equipment

Inorganic chemistry labs require specialized equipment. Without this equipment, inorganic chemists cannot conduct experiments, observation, and research projects.  What Is Inorganic Chemistry?   Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with inorganic, non-carbon-hydrogen bond-based molecules. Inorganic chemistry studies some substances that are familiar, like salts and metals, but also studies more unusual compounds and

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5 types of chemistry
05.04.2022 | Sydney Cross

The 5 Main Types of Chemistry

Most people know a bit about chemistry and some of its basic principles, but chemistry has many subdivisions that are less familiar. In the broadest sense, chemistry is the science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of elements, molecules, and compounds. Chemists study the transformations that these substances undergo. They are interested in

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what is aviation engineering
04.28.2022 | Sydney Cross

What is Aviation Engineering?

Aviation engineering, a sect of engineering that handles airspace development, aircraft navigation systems, modern airport designs, and aerodrome planning, is crucial to the design plan and innovation process. More specifically, aviation engineers often control the design process for military aircraft. If you’re interested in the engineering field, specifically airplane design, testing, and various software applications,

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what is avionics engineering
04.27.2022 | Sydney Cross

What is Avionics Engineering?

Avionics engineering refers to the electronic systems used within the aerospace industry. This term blends the words “aviation” and “electronics.” All aerospace vehicles, including aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft, require avionics. Avionic systems also use various functions, such as navigation, communications, displays, and more.  Avionics engineers work hands-on with the modern systems associated with the internal

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what is astronautical engineering
04.21.2022 | Sydney Cross

What Is Astronautical Engineering?

Astronautical engineering is another branch of aerospace engineering that handles the manufacturing and design of spacecraft. In a complex industry that requires a certain skill set, the world of aerospace astronautical engineering offers job opportunities for folks who have a passion for physics, engineering, and outer space. If you’re interested in learning more information about

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