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At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize in custom-made lab furniture, but we did not just fall into this industry by accident. Our team has years of experience working with laboratory facilities in virtually every industry at locations around the country, helping to make us some of the leading experts in the world of custom laboratory furniture design.

Custom workstations can be designed with the broadest or most specific needs in mind, but should always be made to suit the safety and practical needs of a lab and its researchers.

We offer a great variety of configurations for our workstations, serving most industries and types of businesses. We also make custom furniture to suit your unique workflow.

All of our workbenches are made in America, ship quickly, and go through in-house and 3rd party testing to meet a series of tests and standards before they are packaged and shipped to you.

Technical Specifications

  • Item: Custom Workbench
  • Height: 30″-36″ or Custom Height
  • Width: 36″-96″ or Custom Width
  • Depth: 24″-60″ or Custom Depth
  • Worksurface: Varies
  • Frame Material: Cold Rolled Steel (Powder Coated) or Stainless Steel
  • Assembly: Fully Welded, Bolt Together or Custom
  • ESD Compatible: Varies
  • Cleanroom Compatible: Varies

SEFA-8 Certification

All OnePointe Solutions designed laboratories, laboratory furniture, and laboratory equipment are delivered to your lab having met the exceptionally high standards set by boards of laboratory professionals in order to be SEFA compliant so as to ensure a safe laboratory environment.

SEFA-8 Metal Test Report

SEFA-8 PLAM Test Report


Our Warranty | OnePointe Solutions

Installation Services

Installation Planning

Once you have ordered with our company, you are assigned a project manager to help with every detail of the install process, from the manufacturing of casework and workbenches and cabinetry to payment and fulfillment. For more information on our installation planning click “installation planning” above.

Installation Process

To understand how our installation process works when coming to your facility, click “installation process” above.

Installation Site Prep

When it comes to installing your lab furniture, we strive for fast and quality service from the time of arrival to
completion. We are the last in, but the quickest out. To ensure maximum quality of our installation services,
we a guide of what we highly request the following for facilities to adhere to so that casework can be installed
efficiently and properly. Click “installation site prep” to continue.

Fees, Disclaimers & General Contractors

For details about our fees, disclaimers, and important information for general contractors click “fees, disclaimers & general contractors” above.

Supporting Materials

What To Expect

You have now inquired about furniture from OnePointe Solutions, now what? To understand how we work, we have
laid down the steps of our process to help answer questions you may have. Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality custom laboratory and commercial furniture that exceeds their expectations. We look forward to working with you to achieve your laboratory and commercial furniture needs.

Who We Are

Over a decade ago, OnePointe Solutions opened its doors as a provider of technology solutions to businesses within the central Texas area and has since become the leading manufacturer of custom laboratory furniture and industrial workbenches in the country. To learn more about us, click the link above.

Best of Our Work

Since we opened our doors, we have done hundreds of projects from big to small, complex to simple. Check out our lookbook to see some of our best work over the years.

RAL Color Brochure

Need to see what our colors look like in the field? Click the link above to give you a better perspective before you make a decision.

Questions? Concerns? Want to start today? Get in touch. 866.612.7312

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