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Top quality scientific, industrial, commercial, and educational furniture. All built in Texas and shipped to your doorstep.

We are the nation’s only fully custom manufacturer and installer.

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Installations in All 50 States


By combining manufacturing, design, engineering, installation, and project management, we deliver maximum-value solutions to companies looking to outfit scientific, industrial, and commercial workspaces. Check out our project gallery or choose from our line of furniture and design solutions.

Installation Done Right

We have decades of professional installation experience building complex, state-of-the-art facilities. From chemical processing plants, to R&D wet labs, to high school science classrooms, to break rooms, we handle interior construction projects in all 50 states.

Customer References

Need a reference project to look at before moving forward? We will connect you with satisfied customers from past jobs in every major metro area in the US for a visit and tour of our projects.

3D Design Drawings

Every science lab furniture design, every piece of industrial lab furniture, and every row of cabinets comes with a full suite of design support. You will have access to our design engineers who will lead you through each step of the product design process. For architects and design firms, we provide full Revit family and CAD support for all casework, tables, and floor plans, and can assist in the design process. Our custom cabinets, tables, and workbenches are excellent to use as a basis of design.

Our Products

In addition to design, consulting, and construction services, we sell industrial-grade products on an itemized basis. Request any product from our catalog, purchase individual workbench configurations, engineering lab benches, cabinets, drying racks, and more, and get an itemized quote with manufacturer-direct pricing.

Complimentary Design Service & On-Sites

We travel anywhere in the US, including Hawaii, Alaska, and American territories to take meet in person, take measurements, and create an installation logistics plan. Never worry about narrow hallways, doorways, or docking and loading stations getting in the way of a renovation again.

For General Contractors

In addition to end-users, we also work with GCs as a subcontractor/manufacturer. We mostly fit into furnishing and equipment related divisions (Div 6, 9, 10, 11, and 12). Please add [email protected] to your bidding/estimating email list. We are happy to take a look at all floor plans and specifications involved cabinetry, countertops, workbenches, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, and more.


We take pride in following industry standards of quality and sustainability. All of our products are tested, certified and sourced in a manner consistent with latest guidelines.


Our team travels to you to make sure that we understand your needs, get the right measurements and install the final product on time. Our projects can be found in: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Cheyenne, Des Moines, San Diego, Washington DC, San Francisco, Nashville, Honululu, and just about everywhere else.


About OnePointe Solutions

End-to-end provider of lab design, manufacturing and installation.

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