Elite Workbench

Why did we call it the Elite? Because it’s THE BEST WORKBENCH OUT THERE! The Elite Workbench is designed to increase productivity within the workplace and has all of the necessary accessories allowing employees to focus on the tasks to increase the profitability of your business. Your Elite Workbench will be tailored to your companies and employees needs making your organization and employees more efficient and productive than the competition.

Elite Workbench features include:

  1. 2 Adjustable Shelves
  2. Overhead Light
  3. Monitor rail, brackets and 3 17” LCD monitors
  4. Power strip for multiple outlets 8 -12 outlets)
  5. Triple stack drawer for maximum storage
  6. Cable management
  7. Bin rail for small component storage ( includes bins)
  8. CPU Holder and Keyboard/Mouse Tray
  9. Desk Grommets
  10. Lower half shelf for more storage
  11. Welded 1/2″ thread leg inserts
  12. Keyboard/Mouse tray
  13. Adjustable Leveling feet
  14. 16 gauge steel box welded frame (Made in USA)
  15. Powder coat (standard colors)

Surface Options

•Standard Laminate
•Electrical Static Dissipative (ESD) Laminate
•Chemical Resistant Laminate
Phenolic Resin
Epoxy Resin
•High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
•304 Stainless Steel (Electropolished available)
•201 Stainless Steel
•316 Stainless Steel
•Maple Block
•Clean Room and other custom surfaces to meet any specialized need.

Other Accessories

•Monitor arms
•Desktops and Servers
•Power Strips
•Uninterruptible Power
•Mass Storage
•Cable Management
•Desktop Scanners
•Portable Scanners
•Ergonomic Chairs
•ESD Chairs
•ESD Stools
•ESD Flooring
•Shelving systems
•Stress Mats
•ESD Mats
•ESD Wrist Bands
•Bin Rails
•Static Monitor Rails
•Overhead Lights
•ESD Kits
•Under Shelf Light
•Total Lock Casters
•Adjustable Leg Kit
•Hydraulic Lift Kit
•Profile Drawer
•Utility Drawer
•File Drawer
•Adjustable Shelves

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