Lee College

Growth of STEM Education

Established in 1934, Lee College is a two year undergraduate, lower institution located in Baytown, Texas approximately 25 miles from downtown Houston. The college provides education to many students of different backgrounds including: U.S. citizens, permanent residents, undocumented residents, certain visa holders and international students.

In 2019, the client needed a new multi-purpose robotics classroom to help grow their STEM initiatives. OnePointe Solutions was awarded the contract to build and install the project. 

We worked with the community college to create a cost-effective and ergonomic teaching space to meet their funding requirements and time constraints. We took initial specifications  and worked with the client to iron out details before coming up with a final design. 

Once designs were completed and approved by the institution, we sent it to our manufacturing plant where it was fabricated, painted and packaged for shipment.

In an effort to save resources for our client, we managed to complete the entire install in (1) day. We coordinated multiple truckloads to arrive on time, in compliance with the area’s parking and loading requirements. 

We left that night with a completed, turnkey space with no left-over waste or debris.


Baytown, Texas

Project Category


Services & Products

  • Custom student workbenches with wall-mounted casework & 7-flex computer monitor arms

  • Mobile instructor & student tables with power

  • Tall casework

  • Epoxy resin countertops

  • Mobile shelves with phenolic resin countertops

Installation Timeline

Days: 1 

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