Helia Development, LLC

Biosciences Lab

Heliae Development Inc., pronounced (HEE-LEE-AYY) was formed by the combination of the Greek words for the sun (Helios), and algae. After being founded in 2008, in its early years the company held operations as a small research and development entity from Arizona State University with their main focus at the time being biofuel production.

After a refinement period in 2012, the company established their current mission: to create sustainable microalgae products and solutions that enhance soil, plant, animal, and human health. 

Some time later, the client was building a new lab and their contractor at the time gave them a feeling of price gouging as well as making the client feel that they were a low priority. This led to their new lab having a longer lead time than desired.

With their contractor not budging to get their project moving forward, the client turned to OnePointe Solutions for help. They explained their situation, lab vision and overall need to get the facility up and running. 

We carefully heard and understood their grievances and quickly took on the project.

For the laboratory, we designed and manufactured proteus tables with overhead services and  mobile cabinets to go underneath. As well as wall shelving, standard lab tables and a sink cabinet to go into the space. We also supplied vinyl chairs to go with the lab benches to give scientists flexibility of either standing or sitting while performing tasks.

With the new bio laboratory fully furnished and operational, the client was able to run more tests and experiments at a larger scale than they were previously able to do. They were thrilled with the final results, the overall process of the project, and having the lab furniture installed in such a quick time frame.


Gilbert, AZ

Project Category


Services & Products

  • Proteus tables (mobile lab islands)

  • Laboratory tables

  • Mobile laboratory cabinets

  • Wall shelving

  • Laboratory chairs

  • Sink cabinet

Installation Timeline

Weeks: 1

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