RevoChem, LLC

Geochemical Lab Design

RevoChem, LLC analyzes geochemical fingerprints in oil and rock formations. They data-mine the unique geochemical fingerprints to provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective reservoir diagnostics and monitoring services.

Their technology reveals unprecedented information and enables operators to maximize unconventional reservoir economics.

The client made an unexpected visit to our office in need of a new lab design. With a quick greeting, we discussed their requirements, walked the client through our design process, and finished with a tour of our facility. 

After our meeting, design plans were in effect.

They needed two labs worth of designs and furniture. We manufactured and supplied them with mobile cabinets, workbenches with and without adjustable shelving and suspended cabinets, a fume hood and additional metal laboratory casework for their facility. 

With the new laboratory complete, the client was was grateful to have their new space up and fully functional. 

The installation for this project took (1) day to complete.


Houston, TX

Project Category


Services & Products

  • Workbenches with adjustable shelving & suspended cabinets

  • Laboratory Tables

  • Sink & mobile cabinets

  • Fume hood

Installation Timeline

Days: 1

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