Biotechnology Company

New Lab for Radiopharmaceuticals

Our client is a biotechnology company with a focus on innovative targeted radiopharmaceuticals for diagnosis, monitoring and therapy of various types of cancers. They chose not to disclose their name due to the sensitive nature of their research.

The client, who works in radiopharmaceuticals, was in the market for laboratory cabinets for their new building. They were in discussions with OnePointe Solutions and VWR, a competitor, on who could deliver what they needed.

After a negotiation period, the client went with OnePointe Solutions to get the job done. Initially, they needed laboratory cabinets, but we were able to provide a full cabinet/fume hood/bio safety cabinet solution. 

Our design revolved around steel and epoxy resin center islands, Labconco fume hoods, and a perimeter complete with lower and upper cabinets with acrylic doors, and epoxy resin pegboards. By working closely with our client, we were able to complete their lab installation in (1) day.


Houston, TX

Project Category


Services & Products

  • Space design

  • Metal laboratory casework

  • Laboratory island with stainless steel reagent shelving

  • Fume Hood 

  • Epoxy resin pegboards, countertops and sinks

Installation Timeline

Days: 1 

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