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Should Chemical Storage Cabinets Be Ventilated?
08.22.2022 | Sydney Cross

Should Chemical Storage Cabinets Be Ventilated?

When planning your lab’s chemical storage, you might think it’s a good idea to have sturdy, sealed cabinets. But the reality of chemical storage is that it is more complicated than you might think! While some chemicals benefit from storage with limited airflow, other chemicals do best in ventilated cabinets.  Why Choose Ventilated Storage Cabinets?

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05.29.2020 | Sydney Cross

The Value of Custom Laboratory Casework

The uninitiated may be under the impression that all laboratories are the same, all featuring the same rows of basic workbenches, the same open shelving, and the same utility requirements like plumbing, HVAC, filtration, electric, etc. In reality, each lab has its own unique needs, requiring its own unique design and configuration.  To further take

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04.20.2020 | Sydney Cross

Custom Veterinary Cabinetry

OnePointe Solutions provides custom cabinetry solutions for veterinary clinics and laboratories. Veterinary clinics have a unique design challenge, needing to create sanitary, well-organized spaces for both the treatment of animals in front of their owners and behind the scenes in a clinical setting.  Many veterinary clinics also have small laboratories on-site for basic testing. For

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03.17.2020 | Sydney Cross

Lab Cabinets: Know Before You Buy

If you are selecting lab cabinets, you are likely in the midst of learning or reacquainting yourself with all there is to know about the necessary components of a lab. In your search, you will come across recommendations for different types of laboratory casework, along with a variety of other laboratory furniture and equipment. At

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03.13.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Select Casework for Your Lab

If you are in the market for custom laboratory casework, you have found the right place. At OnePointe Solutions, we have been helping our customers design and furnish some of the nation’s best labs for more than a decade. We know all the ins and outs of laboratory casework and have encountered every type of

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09.24.2018 | Sydney Cross

Lab Casework – Furniture That Never Clocks Out

When it’s time to get down to business, you want seating (and all your furniture), to meet a certain benchmark. Comfort, ergonomics, special features, and durability that deliver a good ROI are all critical factors when choosing lab casework and workstations. You’ll seldom find lasting quality “off-the-rack” in big box stores, and often the best,

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