How to Select Casework for Your Lab

If you are in the market for custom laboratory casework, you have found the right place. At OnePointe Solutions, we have been helping our customers design and furnish some of the nation’s best labs for more than a decade.

We know all the ins and outs of laboratory casework and have encountered every type of challenge you can imagine while building installations. Now, with our plethora of expertise, we work closely with clients from every corner of the industry to find custom solutions designed to fit their exact needs. 

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Though every lab is different, you’d be hard-pressed to find a lab that doesn’t rely on high-quality casework to provide ample storage and protection for chemicals, equipment, tools, and more. All labs need casework, but that doesn’t mean a generic solution will work for everyone.

With OnePointe Solutions, you can create custom casework designs made in a variety of configurations and outfitted with the perfect materials to match your lab’s unique needs. 

Assess Your Lab’s Needs

Before selecting casework for your lab, you are going to need to spend some time assessing your needs. Every lab is different, and the specifics of your lab casework will depend heavily on the type of work being done in your facility.

Determine what specific qualities you need from your casework by considering what kinds of conditions they will need to be able to hold up against. If your lab conducts testing on infectious diseases, you are going to need anti-microbial casework.

If you work in a wet lab, your casework will need to be impervious to water and moisture. 

Select Materials

Once you have determined the qualities you need out of your laboratory casework, it is time to select materials. At OnePointe Solutions, we offer a range of material options, each suited for a variety of purposes and functions.

Here are the casework materials available from OnePointe Solutions:


Metal casework can often be found in industrial testing facilities, dental labs, ESD labs, and for other applications requiring materials with relatively high endurance and durability. Metal casework features high water and fungal resistance, is moderately resistant to bacterial buildup, and scratching.

This is also often one of the most affordable casework materials, so going for metal will be gentle on your budget.

Stainless Steel

Slightly more expensive than metal, stainless steel casework features high heat, water, and fungal resistance, but may scratch more easily than metal. Known for its easy to clean surface, stainless steel has become a favorite in pharmaceutical labs, food testing, clean rooms, and other applications requiring a high level of sanitation.  


Wood casework can add a touch of warmth and nature to any laboratory setting, and if you are trying to design with aesthetics in mind, wood might just be your top choice. Wood is less resistant to heat, chemicals, bacteria, etc., than many other materials, but it can be an excellent choice in BSL-1 applications like educational laboratories or research facilities.  

Plastic Laminate (PLAM)

Plastic laminate casework can be durable and attractive. It is best when used in product testing facilities or educational laboratories.

Laminate is a great low-cost solution for labs that don’t require heavy-duty materials and are looking for a great value.

Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin casework are extremely durable, super resistant to water and moisture, and hardy against most corrosive chemicals. Phenolic resin also features moderate scratch and stain resistance, making it excellent for water treatment labs, food-testing, and facilities handling large amounts of corrosive or harsh chemicals.

Casework Configurations

No matter the size or scope of your lab, OnePointe Solutions can help you choose the perfect design and configuration. We have designed, built, and installed countless pieces of lab furniture for our clients throughout the U.S., and have learned to customize our casework solutions to suit the exact needs of our customers.

Here are some of the casework configurations we provide: 

  • Wall-mounted cabinets
  • Base casework
  • Mobile casework on casters (locking or rolling)
  • Under-table or workbench suspended casework
  • Wall length casework
  • Lab islands
  • Corner cabinets

On-Site Design Assistance

One of the perks of choosing casework from OnePointe Solutions is our dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that there is no “one size fits all” laboratory solution, and every facility will require its own unique features and design.

To help our customers create the best and most effective laboratories, we offer on-site design consultations from our team of experts. Our team will come to your facility anywhere in the U.S. to perform an assessment of the space.

We will determine your particular needs, create 3D renderings of the design, and help you learn how to choose the right material for your lab casework. 

Once we create a design you love, we’ll get right to work creating your custom casework. All of our lab furniture is built right here in the U.S., shipped quickly, and installed by our team of experts. Forget about relying on multiple companies to coordinate the design of your lab – let OnePointe Solutions take the lead. 

Speak with a Lab Casework Specialist

We can help you choose your ideal set up of science lab casework. Call (866) 612-7312, fill out an online quote request, or chat online with us to get a quote. We can help you get the most value out of your lab cabinet project.

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