Custom Veterinary Cabinetry

OnePointe Solutions provides custom cabinetry solutions for veterinary clinics and laboratories. Veterinary clinics have a unique design challenge, needing to create sanitary, well-organized spaces for both the treatment of animals in front of their owners and behind the scenes in a clinical setting. 

Many veterinary clinics also have small laboratories on-site for basic testing. For more complex te in order to allow sting, samples must be sent out to larger veterinary labs. Veterinary diagnostics labs receive samples from a number of veterinary clinics, perform testing for diseases, then return the results to allow veterinary staff to further treat their animal patients. 

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To help facilitate the important work done by veterinarians, OnePointe Solutions designs, builds and installs custom casework and cabinetry made to fit the specific needs of our individual clients. 

Veterinary Exam Room Cabinets

Veterinary exam rooms need to be comfortable for both humans and animals and need to be able to accommodate veterinary staff and animal owners. The exam room is an extremely important zone for all veterinary clinics since it is here that the expertise of the vet is combined with the expertise of the pet owner. 

Exam rooms should be warm and welcoming, while also featuring easy to clean surface to prevent the spread of germs and infectious diseases. 

Our casework is designed to be extremely durable and optimized for easy storage and access to materials and tools veterinarians and veterinary technicians may need every day. Beyond utility, our casework can be designed to your desired aesthetic, adding a touch of style and warmth to your exam rooms to put patients at ease. 

Many of our veterinary clients prefer the look of wood and PLAM casework to add a natural touch to what can sometimes be a somewhat stark and sterile environment. PLAM is particularly useful for use in veterinary exam rooms since its surface is less porous and easier to clean than wood, helping to improve overall facility contamination control. 

OnePointe Solutions also offers the casework following surface materials: 

  • Wood and PLAM
  • Metal
  • Stainless Steel

Our specialists are here to help you choose the exact right set up for your needs.

Veterinary Lab Cabinets

Veterinary labs perform important testing and research to learn more about diseases affecting domesticated and wild animals. Veterinary labs may perform a range of work, doing anything from basic household pet disease screenings to researching infectious and presently incurable diseases. 

Like other clinical and medical laboratories, veterinary labs should feature plenty of storage space to house samples, testing supplies, chemical reagents, PPE, and so on. 

Many veterinary labs choose to feature stainless steel work surfaces throughout their facilities, favored for its natural resistance to moisture, chemical corrosion, staining, and bacterial accumulation. Stainless steel casework is easy to wipe down, is long-lasting and durable, and can withstand continued and regular exposure to cleaning chemicals and moisture without sustaining damage or wearing down over time. 

Modular and Customizable Casework

Work is non-stop for veterinary clinics and labs, and veterinary staff relies heavily on an organized environment to keep their workflow steady and productive. Part of keeping a clinic or lab organized is having quality casework and storage systems that work for you, and are able to adapt as quickly as you do.

OnePointe Solutions works closely with our veterinary clients to create customized solutions that fit the needs of our individual clients perfectly. Our laboratory casework is fully customizable and comes in a wide range of configurations that can be further customized with optional add on accessories and features. Casework configurations available from OnePointe Solutions include: 

  • Wall-mounted lab casework
  • Base casework
  • Lab islands
  • Mobile lab casework on casters (locking or rolling)
  • Suspended casework mounted under a workbench or desk
  • Wall length casework
  • Corner cabinets
  • Rear and scribe filler cabinets

Add on features make our casework even more flexible, and can be added to virtually any configuration of cabinets in order to create a solution that works perfectly for you. Organizational accessories help to keep your veterinary lab from becoming cluttered and can help reduce the time you spend cleaning and organizing so you can focus on the work that matters most. 

Beyond casework, OnePointe Solutions also offers a range of other laboratory furniture, from lab tables and workbenches to ergonomic seating, special equipment housing, biosafety hoods, and more. 

On-Site Consultations

Our team is dedicated to creating solutions that our clients will be proud to show to their colleagues, which is why we go the extra mile from the very beginning of the design process. Before any work begins, our design team will visit your facility anywhere in the U.S. to perform a custom assessment of your space, and make recommendations for efficient design. 

We’ll tour your facility, create 3D renderings, and provide you with a custom quote so you can go forward with your lab design with confidence.

 Need Custom Cabinetry?

Our experienced design specialists will work with you to create custom lab casework that will best fit your lab or workspace needs.

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