The Value of Custom Laboratory Casework

The uninitiated may be under the impression that all laboratories are the same, all featuring the same rows of basic workbenches, the same open shelving, and the same utility requirements like plumbing, HVAC, filtration, electric, etc. In reality, each lab has its own unique needs, requiring its own unique design and configuration. 

To further take advantage of the custom design of your lab, choosing to install custom casework can be an amazing way to elevate workplace efficiency and safety.

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Built to Order – Made to Fit

Generic casework options may provide temporary organizational support, but in the long run, you will regret not choosing a custom option. Customizable casework is built to order, meaning that each piece of furniture is custom designed and built to fit your exact specifications. 

Your casework can, for example, be configured to accommodate special equipment, can include power strips and electrical outlets, and so much more. With customizable casework, your options for creating your perfect solution are virtually limitless, and you can create solutions to your facility’s unique problems.  

Our team of experts can guide you towards the perfect configuration of casework for your work space

Surface Materials

One of the ways to customize your casework is by selecting your preferred surface materials. Depending on the nature of the work done in your lab your ideal surface materials may vary, which is why having the option to customize is so important. Wet labs, for instance, have very different material requirements than dry labs, requiring casework that can hold up against regular exposure to moisture. 

At OnePointe Solutions, we offer the following casework materials: 

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Plastic Laminate

Custom Configurations

Like surface material, the size, shape, and accessories included in your casework are super important for determining how useful they will be in your facility. Casework that is too large will take up extra space or be more difficult to maneuver around for lab personnel. 

Casework that is too small will not provide enough storage space, resulting in cluttered surface areas and disorganized workspaces. 

When you choose customizable casework, you are able to select from a wide range of casework types and configurations, and can even include additional add-on accessories to make a solution that is completely your own. Committed to providing high-quality casework solutions for any laboratory environment, OnePointe Solutions offers the following customizable laboratory casework configurations:

  • Wall-mounted casework
  • Base casework
  • Lab islands
  • Mobile casework
  • Suspended casework
  • Corner cabinets

Eliminating Wasted Space

One of the major difficulties novice lab designers face is learning how to eliminate wasted space. In a lab, taking advantage of every square inch of available space is vital to ensure you are able to operate efficiently and safely, but this task is much easier said than done. 

Misused space is often a symptom of inexperienced rather than incompetence, and oftentimes, the problem can be solved by eliminating generic casework and going for something a little more personal. 

Custom designed casework will fit perfectly in its designated spot since you will be able to choose its exact measurements and configuration. Rather than playing a game of Tetris to try and fit all of your equipment and furniture into your lab, create an organized, efficient design from the very beginning by letting us help select the right build-out for your project. 

Improved Flexibility

One of the factors many novice lab designers forget to take into consideration when designing a lab or selecting casework is the potential for the lab’s work to change. It is rare for a lab to remain dedicated to the exact same project for years on end, and even when they are, their methodologies and laboratory requirements frequently change throughout the process. 

Because of this, the most successful labs are those that are able to readily adjust to change, something that becomes far more achievable when you choose customizable casework. Custom casework can be built for modularity, enabling for expansion of storage, easy movement of casework units throughout the facility, and so on. 

Consistent Aesthetics

While aesthetics may not be the first factor you consider when selecting your laboratory casework, there is something to be said for creating a cohesive look throughout your facility. When designers select generic casework and furniture options, they are often limited insofar as their options for materials, finishes, and configurations are concerned.

Because of this, these designers are often forced to choose from a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture options, which can create a chaotic facility aesthetically. When you choose custom casework and furniture options, you are able to ensure that all your pieces fit with one another, thereby creating some consistency within your lab.

A consistent and pleasant aesthetic is about more than just impressing visitors, so do not write off aesthetics as a needless luxury just yet. Cohesive design helps to promote focus in the workplace and provides lab personnel with a relaxing environment in which to perform vital research and testing. 

Guaranteed Durability

Manufacturers of custom lab furniture like casework and storage take great pride in the quality of their products, ensuring careful effort is taken to source the best and most durable materials available. Whereas generic furniture makers will rarely disclose the details of their material selection process, custom designers will likely be enthusiastic to discuss the merits of their particular choice of materials. 

Because of this, custom casework is often far more durable than generic options, made with the specific needs of each customer in mind.

Because of their enhanced durability and your many chances to personalize, custom casework solutions are often more expensive than their generic counterparts. While you may need to designate a larger portion of your initial budget to furniture than you would have you chosen generic options, opting for the custom option will save you money in the long run. 

Rather than wearing out after a few years and needing to be replaced, your custom casework can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. 

Enhanced Security

Labs handling dangerous materials, toxic chemicals, and infectious agents may require a higher level of security than other laboratories, necessitating the use of locking/secure casework and storage options for potentially hazardous samples/materials. By choosing a custom casework option, you can decide exactly how you want sensitive items to be stored, and even add additional locking mechanisms to ensure nothing is moved, tampered with, stolen, or otherwise handled incorrectly. 

OnePointe Solutions Lab Design

If you are looking for custom lab casework or other furniture, look no further than OnePointe Solutions. We have been designing, building, and installing custom lab furniture for facilities in virtually every industry for more than a decade, and pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, long-lasting results that enhance workplace safety and efficiency. 

We make creating custom lab furniture super easy, and guide you through every step of the process to ensure your final result is perfect for your facility’s unique needs. 

On-Site Design Consultation

When you choose OnePointe Solutions to help with your lab furniture design, you will get truly personalized assistance from our design team. Our team comes directly to you, and pays a visit to your lab anywhere in the U.S. Once inside, we will go through your facility to assess your exact needs, learn more about the facility’s existing infrastructure, and consult your team on the various aspects of your day to day operations. 

By seeing your facility in person we will better be able to understand the scope of your project and be able to provide guidance based on our personal analysis of your lab. 

3D Renderings

Once our design team has had a chance to pay your facility a visit, we will get to work creating custom 3D renderings of our design ideas. Renderings make seeing the full vision easy and help to eliminate the all-too-common misunderstandings that occur when designs are merely discussed rather than actually seen. 

We will create these renderings free of charge so you can have a chance to see exactly what we have to offer before you ever commit to letting OnePointe Solutions take on the project. During this process, we will also develop a custom quote to give you an idea of what it might cost for fully custom lab furniture. 

USA Based Manufacturing

Once we have settled on a design and budget, we will get started creating your custom casework. All OnePointe Solutions furniture is manufactured in the USA, following all industry standards and regulations to ensure our products are of the highest quality and standard. 

By keeping our manufacturing operations in the U.S., we also save on shipping costs and are able to ensure all craftsmanship is done according to our high standards. 


A great way to ruin a perfect lab design is to turn over control of the project to a third party just as things are wrapping up. At OnePointe Solutions, we see our projects through to the end, overseeing everything from our first design meeting to the final installation of your furniture. 

We deliver and install your casework personally, which allows us to make sure your final vision is fully realized and minimizes the risk of your furniture being installed incorrectly. 

Other Furniture

Besides casework, we also carry a huge variety of laboratory furniture including customizable workbenches and tables, seating, and special equipment. We have worked with labs from every industry, helping to design comprehensive solutions for food testing facilities, cannabis labs, cleanrooms, refinery labs, and many more. 

All furniture options available from OnePointe Solutions come in a variety of materials and configurations, and most can be customized to include optional accessories, additional storage, and special features.

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