Lab Casework – Furniture That Never Clocks Out

When it’s time to get down to business, you want seating (and all your furniture), to meet a certain benchmark. Comfort, ergonomics, special features, and durability that deliver a good ROI are all critical factors when choosing lab casework and workstations. You’ll seldom find lasting quality “off-the-rack” in big box stores, and often the best, or only solutions, are specialized or custom ones. Whether you need cabinets for a veterinary lab or practice, or need to know how to choose the right casework for your workspace, we can help. More lab design resources: Do you need chairs, sit-stand solutions, workstations or racks, workbenches with storage, or those built to hold thousands of pounds? Make time for a professional consultation to determine the best and most efficient way to furnish your lab, factory, office, or institution. Sometimes less is more, and a custom solution can provide a single piece of furniture that does double or triple duty, costing less, while conserving valuable space. Sensitive Materials Spark Need for ESD There are many applications in which ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) can cause damage, and even danger. A charge several times less than you can feel can be a big problem for sensitive electronic components or cause combustion when working with certain materials. Chairs and workbenches with an embedded carbon layer dissipate static so that it doesn’t build, creating an unwanted charge. Fireworks are fun, unexpected detonations not so much. Who Needs Technical Furniture? Technical furniture should be standard issue in environments that house expansive amounts of a computer, telecommunications, medical and diagnostic equipment. Think labs, manufacturing, control and dispatch centers, and other 24/7 applications, like workspace sharing, ER’s and urgent care. Any enterprise that needs furniture to stand up to heavy and/or constant use needs specialty furniture. In order for technical furniture to bear the name, it should also adhere to the highest ergonomic standards. Teams working long shifts in demanding circumstances require comfort, and furniture that doesn’t contribute to injury and fatigue. Perfecting the Art of Furniture for Science Over a decade ago, OnePointe Solutions began in Austin, Texas as a provider of technology solutions. We’ve grown to become the country’s leading manufacturer of custom lab furniture, and industrial workbenches. We build solutions that meet the standards of your mission and install them (on time) anywhere in the U.S., from Mississippi to Iowa, or at a launch site in the Mojave Desert. We’ll help you break the speed barrier so that your team gets a head-start. Contact us for pricing, quotes, designs, and lead times for our custom laboratory casework.

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