Pharmaceutical Lab Furniture

Pharmaceutical labs perform vital testing and research on thousands of life-saving drugs annually, helping to advance the capabilities of modern medicine and medical treatment for the benefit of billions of people worldwide. Part of running a successful pharmaceutical chemistry lab is designing around equipment and furniture with efficiency in mind.

At OnePointe Solutions, we specialize not only in building and installing high-quality lab furniture but also in designing labs from the bottom up. 

For pharmaceutical laboratories, we offer a range of standard and cleanroom lab furniture options complete with customizable features so you can create a solution perfectly tailored to your lab’s unique needs. We pride ourselves on handling lab design and furnishing from the bottom up, so you’ll never find yourself trying to communicate design plans and special requests to a third-party company.

From consultation to installation, our team at OnePointe Solutions will be with you every step of the way. 

On-Site Consultation

No two pharmaceutical labs are the same, which is why we don’t just offer generic solutions to your complex problems. OnePointe Solution’s design team can come directly to your facility to perform an on-site consultation. We’ll discuss your unique needs, the scope of your space, and all of your options for creating an efficient and functional work environment. 

During your consultation, we’ll create unique 3D renderings of our proposed design so you’ll be able to remember every detail of our recommendations. We have worked with facilities of every size and scope around the nation and can create a quality solution to even the most difficult of design problems.

With OnePointe Solutions, not one inch will go to waste. 

Fume Hoods and Biosafety Cabinets

In order to perform research and testing on aerosols, airborne agents, infectious diseases, and other potentially harmful materials, the use of fume hoods and biosafety cabinets is always recommended. Fume hoods draw contaminated air away from lab personnel and the work environment, filtering and purifying it before recirculation through the facility.

Types of biological safety enclosures we provide:

  • Clean benches and laminar flow benches
  • BSC I, II and III

OnePointe Solutions offers a variety of fume snorkels, fume hoods, and biosafety cabinets to support the safe handling of infectious and airborne materials as well as staff and environmental health and safety. 

Stainless Steel

We offer a diverse line of cabinetry with heavy-duty laboratory grade stainless steel. Whether you need custom built reagent and drug distribution and storage equipment, cleanroom workbenches, or desks for dry labs and data entry, we can provide custom tailored solutions that fit your budget.

Tables and Workbenches

We design laboratory workbenches and tables that promote quality work and encourage organization. Workbenches should be comfortable and have flexible features so staff can make them work for their individual workflow.

The lab tables and workbenches designed by OnePointe Solutions feature tons of optional accessories, can be made to fit virtually any configuration, and are offered in a variety of high-quality materials. Built to last, our tables are made from solid, heavy-duty frames that won’t vibrate or wobble so you can concentrate on doing your work.

Countertop materials we offer include: 

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Phenolic Resin
  • Solid Surface
  • Stainless Steel
  • Maple Block
  • HDPE

For labs in need of benchtops and tables featuring sinks and plumbing systems, OnePointe Solutions offers a range of customizable epoxy resin sink countertops. Easily customizable to accommodate drop-in sinks and drainage systems, we’ll work around your facility’s existing construction to create the perfect solution. 


Long days spent at the workbench can lead to discomfort and pain, resulting in decreased productivity and potential mistakes. We design comfortable, ergonomic laboratory seating to promote productivity, comfort, and staff health.

Seating options are available in a variety of materials to promote cleanliness and prevent bacterial buildup, chemical corrosion, cross-contamination, and damage to the seating itself. 

We offer medical and cleanroom specific seating, designed to minimize contact points and reduce bacterial buildup, resist water and be durable against commonly used chemicals, cleaners, and solvents. Combining comfort, durability, and easy to clean materials, good seating can make all the difference for the health and productivity of your pharmaceutical lab. 


Organizing and storing necessary materials, chemicals, tools, and equipment is an important aspect of running an efficient and successful pharmaceutical lab environment. During our on-site assessment of your lab, we will help you determine just how much storage you need considering the scope of your facility.

We will make recommendations for ideal materials, most optimal configurations, and the best add-ons and accessories to help you create a comfortable work environment for all members of staff. 

We provide advice for the storage of all materials, including corrosive or highly-reactive chemicals and materials that may require specific storage away from sensitive equipment, tools, or samples. Lab casework offered by OnePointe Solutions comes in a variety of configurations like: 

  • Wall-mounted casework
  • Base casework
  • Lab islands
  • Mobile casework on wheels or casters
  • Under-workbench suspended casework
  • Wall-length cabinets
  • Corner cabinets

Casework options from OnePointe Solutions also come in a variety of materials, from metal and stainless steel to plastic laminate and resins. To aid in the maintenance of a cleanly working environment, we also offer a range of anti-microbial lab cabinets, ideal for medical testing facilities or environments requiring a high degree of cleanliness to prevent cross-contamination. 

Speak to a Biopharma Lab Designer

The laboratory furniture professionals of OnePointe Solutions can build your perfect custom pharmaceutical space. Whether you need to buy a sinlge cabinet or have an entire room designed, we can help.

Contact us by calling (866) 612-7312, filling out an online contact form, or chatting with our help bot online. We look forward to working with you on your next project!

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