Plastic Laminate Base Cabinet

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Costco Commercial Kitchen 2 Optimized
20220902-Purcell 1 Plastic Laminate Cabinets
Laminate cabinet 20220715-FCA 2
Scribe Coffee Room Edited 6
Shimizu Optimized (plastic laminate)
LSquared Optimized (plastic laminate)
Intrepid Builds plastic laminate
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Our quick ship plastic laminate cabinets are perfect if you want quality cabinetry and storage but in a short amount of time. Choose from our selection of colors and dimensions to make your cabinets perfect for your space.



We make laminate cabinets to align perfectly with your target aesthetic, layout, and budget. From breakrooms and reception areas to conference rooms, classrooms, and even laboratories, plastic laminate casework complement any environment it is in. We can design and manufacture countless configurations from a simple base cabinet to a complex set of cabinets with doors and drawers. Your vision can be made into reality with us.


  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • We typically use plywood or particleboard. Plywood is very heavy-duty and serves as a great frame to support heavy countertops. Particleboard is a less expensive alternative that is more vulnerable to temperature and moisture damages, as well as screw and joint blow-outs.
  • Fully Assembled
    • Our cabinets ship fully built and are delivered with custom packaging to bring the probability of damage during freight nearly to zero. We send installers on-site who will stay until you are 100% satisfied with your cabinet configuration. That’s our project completion guarantee. We offer many configurations and are confident we will become your go-to casework supplier.
  • Soft Close Hinges
    • We use high-grade soft-close hinges in every single one of our cabinets. Poorly constructed hinges can cause loose, stiff, or uneven doors, and lead to costly damage over time.

      Our soft-close hinges are fully adjustable and eliminate noisy door and drawer slams. The nickel-plated, hardened steel construction of our hinges includes full six-way adjustability, both up-down and left-right.

  • Sturdy Back Panels
    • Strong back panels are important for sturdy laminate millwork cabinets. Picture-frame backs, metal hang rods and rails, and thin panels can create massive liabilities in exchange for a reduced cost.

      Our full-height back panel cabinets are always built to withstand heavy loads and impacts. Choose cabinets with a thick back wood panel, and avoid thin particleboard panels that weakened the durability of the frame.

Supporting Materials

Installation Services

Installation Planning

Once you have ordered with our company, you are assigned a project manager to help with every detail of the install process, from the manufacturing of casework and workbenches and cabinetry to payment and fulfillment. For more information on our installation planning click “installation planning” above.

Installation Process

To understand how our installation process works when coming to your facility, click “installation process” above.

Installation Site Prep

When it comes to installing your lab furniture, we strive for fast and quality service from the time of arrival to
completion. We are the last in, but the quickest out. To ensure maximum quality of our installation services,
we a guide of what we highly request the following for facilities to adhere to so that casework can be installed
efficiently and properly. Click “installation site prep” to continue.

Fees, Disclaimers & General Contractors

For details about our fees, disclaimers, and important information for general contractors click “fees, disclaimers & general contractors” above.

SEFA-8 Certification

All OnePointe Solutions designed laboratories, laboratory furniture, and laboratory equipment are delivered to your lab having met the exceptionally high standards set by boards of laboratory professionals in order to be SEFA compliant so as to ensure a safe laboratory environment.

SEFA-8 Metal Test Report

SEFA-8 PLAM Test Report


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