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Water Treatment Facility

Contract Design PR was founded with the mission of providing design, build and furnishing solutions at affordable prices. 

In 2020, Contract Design PR embarked on an exciting collaboration with OnePointe Solutions. The goal was to create a unique solution for a water treatment facility in Puerto Rico. Due to the laboratory’s application, the furniture had to be capable of withstanding extensive exposure to moisture. 

To address the specific requirements of the water treatment facility, a uniquely tailored solution was developed: phenolic resin casework. Phenolic resin is a durable and highly water-resistant material commonly used as a laboratory countertop, ultimately making it a heavy-duty casework solution. 

OnePointe Solutions immediately started preparing designs and engineering plans for the large-scale facility. A phased approach was used to best meet the customer’s needs on ensuring an efficient delivery and installation process.

Within a few months, the first phase of the project had been manufactured, delivered, and installation had taken place. Three more phases of deliveries and installations totaling three weeks occurred before the project had been fulfilled entirely. 

The extensive project included 15 separate laboratory spaces, all fully equipped with phenolic resin casework. The scope of work ranged from lab islands, and cabinet runs, to tall cabinets with glass fronts, sliding door cabinets, laboratory workbenches, and tables. 

Each piece was meticulously crafted to maximize functionality while maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic. This project showcases OnePointe Solutions’ ability to meet the most demanding specifications while adhering to the project schedule.


Caguas, Puerto Rico

Project Category


Services & Products

  • Phenolic resin casework¬†

  • Phenolic resin countertops

  • Fume hoods

  • Laboratory tables and workbenches

Installation Timeline

Weeks: 3

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