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In 2022, a leading manufacturer of building materials in North America approached OnePointe Solutions for its expertise in outfitting their new laboratory space.

Stepping up to the challenge, the OnePointe Solutions team demonstrated its commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions. 

Drawing upon the proficiency of our accomplished laboratory designers, we embarked on a successful journey to redefine a sprawling 30,000 square foot laboratory area through tailor-made workstations.

Upon approval of the innovative designs, the transition from concepts to reality commenced. 

Harnessing the capabilities of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, OnePointe Solutions crafted each workstation with precision and meticulous attention to detail. The extent of the project led us to execute in four distinct phases, ensuring efficiency at every step.

Our adept installation team orchestrated the seamless placement of each workstation, meticulously coordinating utilities and ensuring perfect alignment. With the culmination of the final phase, the lab space began to take on its distinctive form.

However, our contribution extended beyond mere furniture provision; it encompassed the creation of an environment that impeccably encapsulated the client’s vision. 

OnePointe Solutions left no stone unturned, addressing even the minutest intricacies, ranging from ingenious cable management solutions to seamless color coordination. 

This comprehensive approach was driven by our dedication to ensuring an exceptional and fulfilling experience for the client.



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