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05.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Start an Aquaculture Business

Farming can be a difficult industry to break into, with the cost of purchasing viable land, acquiring licensures, building infrastructure, purchasing livestock, and attaining licensures to contend with. On top of being difficult to start independently, traditional livestock farming can also take quite some time to be profitable, and it can take years of rigorous

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04.15.2020 | Sydney Cross

Laboratory Automation: A How-To Guide

Since the late ’90s, the number of accredited training programs for laboratory technologists and technicians has seen a drastic decline, reducing the number of qualified laboratory professionals entering the field each year. With more retirements than graduations and the number of available and qualified lab technicians dwindling, laboratories across the country have been forced to

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03.23.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Choose Furniture for a Wet Lab

Regardless of the type of lab you are designing, choosing furniture can be a make-or-break step that can dictate the future success of your facility. In wet labs, special consideration must be taken in regards to the water-resistance of all furniture, resistance to bacterial buildup, and ability to withstand regular cleanings and exposure to chemicals. 

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laboratory design for a university lab
03.07.2020 | Sydney Cross

Laboratory Design and Planning Guide for 2021

We have aided in the designing and building of countless laboratory projects nationwide, creating safe, high-tech environments for researchers to perform groundbreaking research in the worlds of pharmaceuticals, cannabis testing, diagnostic research, pathology, forensics, and more. Our clients love the flexibility of our designs and rely on us for our years of experience and expertise.

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02.25.2020 | Sydney Cross

REBUF – A Simple Lab Design Framework

REBUF is an acronym – it stands for “Research, Budget, Facilities” – that is meant to simplify complex decisions around laboratory design. The basic idea is simple: What are the constraints of your research, what kind of budget are you dealing with, and what are the physical constraints of the space you’ll be building. Answering

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Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, Design, Benches, Casework
10.16.2019 | Sydney Cross

2019 Lab Design Trends

The lab design consultants of OnePointe Solutions can help you design your ideal work space. Our variety of furniture and materials combined with our elite team of designers will help you turn your requirements into a reality. Call (866) 216-3106 to get a quote on lab design. Flexible Lab Furniture Flexible laboratory workstations and casework are increasingly

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10.16.2019 | Sydney Cross

Lab Design Best Practices

Laboratory design involves key principles that architects, designers, and researchers use to plan their optimal facilities. Whether you have previous experience building laboratories, or are embarking on one of your first projects, here are some lab design and construction best practices to keep in mind to help you get started. More lab design resources: REBUF

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clinic labs
11.14.2018 | Sydney Cross

Medical Clinic Labs

The lab designers at OnePointe Solutions create and build ergonomic and cost-effective workbenches, tables, casework, and layouts for clinical and pharmacy spaces across the US. Call us if you need help designing and outfitting a clinic. Probably the only thing guaranteed in life is that things will go wrong. One of the biggest things to

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