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Probably the only thing guaranteed in life is that things will go wrong. One of the biggest things to happen in the recent decade is the rise of urgent care clinics.

Visits to urgent care increased by 19% from 2010 to 2015. The high costs and long wait times of hospital visits have made patients seek these quick, low-cost alternatives that we call clinic labs. 

And this isn’t exclusive to emergency care.

Retail clinics, such as your local drug store or Walmart, have been a long time staple for quick, low-cost preventative care. In addition to flu shots and blood pressure checks, retail clinics can help diagnose issues and provide solutions before you have to go to your primary physician.

Then there are specialty clinics. These clinics are unique because they’re not being used as a low-cost alternative.

In fact, it’s for the opposite reason. Many boomers and other well-insured people go to specialty clinics to expedite their care.

However, these clinic labs still face the challenge of operating in smaller spaces with less lab furniture.  

The Game Has Changed (And So Has the Playing Field)

While the popularity of these clinics increases, the needs of their labs also increase. One big issue that both clinics share is the limited space where they operate.

Neither have the extensive space or equipment that hospitals have, whether it be chemtops or industrial packing stations.

Another is the small window these clinics have to get it right with their patients. Many patients turn away from clinics because of poor quality labs. Overly-enthusiastic receptionists aside, these bad labs may have anything from bad sampling integrity to faulty equipment to unreliable lab furniture.

Remember, clinics don’t have the resources of a hospital so it can be challenging to have a reliable lab that maximizes the efficiency of the space without depleting the budget.

So, what’s a humble clinic to do?

The Lifeline of a Lifetime

This is a problem OnePointe Solutions has been trying to solve. We don’t discriminate on size, we think all labs are awesome and should be treated as such.

Actually, we love working with clinics because of the challenge. Here at OnePointe, we’ve been known to work through our fair share of challenging spaces.

Our quality laboratory furniture combined with the genius of our design team means that you can have the clinic lab of your dreams no matter your space and/or budget. OnePointe Solutions doesn’t go by the book, we burn that book to roast marshmallows over and make each space custom to our clients’ needs.

We’re ready to make your lab space the best it can be. Are you?

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