2019 Lab Design Trends

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Flexible Lab Furniture

Flexible laboratory workstations and casework are increasingly important in today’s scientific environment. With a variety of new tools and equipment in development, modern lab furniture needs to have maximum connectivity, power supply, and flexibility.

Lab Furniture Must Have:

Room for added gas valves and nozzles

Connections to electrical and plumbing

Flexible dimensions to work around columns and other room features

Smooth and soft-edged design

Clean welded surfaces with welding beads only where structurally necessary

Aesthetic surfaces and textures to create a cohesive appearance

We recently installed a flexible lab installation at SUNY Downstate in New York. This project included built-in outlet and irrigation while keeping the table mobile and able to be reconfigured within the room.

lab furniture installation

Here is a Slideshare outlining the job with a breakdown of the flexible system we installed there.

Science Recruiting Challenges and Urbanization

Research companies are increasingly focused on major cities like Boston, New York, and San Francisco. These hubs have no problem attracting young talent who are indifferent to rising rent rates and seeking fun, energetic cities to begin their careers.

Laboratories in need of highly skilled employees face unique challenges to make up for the competitive advantage that these larger cities have. To counteract this, there are key areas companies in smaller cities must invest in to stay competitive:

Don’t Neglect Company Culture: Culture is a major draw for young talent, especially in less populated regions. Invest in operational and HR staff who can keep a pulse on employee morale. Cultivate a strong sense of community through different work-related and off-the-clock activities. This will go a long way towards recruiting new talent and keeping the employees you have.

Make the Most of Recruiting Channels: Use every resource at your disposal to find new talent. Don’t just rely on job boards. Consider hiring recruiters who specialize in STEM fields.

Consider Outsourcing: If your firm is finding it difficult to fill certain positions, or losing employees to more competitive markets, you may want to seek contract work and outsource certain tasks. Make sure to take the proper steps to counteract any holes in your personnel due to recruitment challenges.

Infrastructure Laboratory Data and Cloud Computing

New laboratory technology can interface with the cloud, allowing for seamless recording and analysis of instrumentation data. This will allow practitioners to access their instruments remotely and with greater ease.

These technological advances will lead to more compact equipment and less space needed for computer workstations. Conversely, labs that have to process large amounts of data may choose to invest in on-site dedicated servers to run their operation.

The rise of automation in laboratory tasks is a key result of the shift to cloud computing. Laboratory automation has been around for quite some time. As devices become more interconnected, creative ways to increase efficiency and build automated infrastructure will arise.

Shift Towards Sustainable Lab Research

Harvard’s laboratories adopted a sustainability plan in 2014 which has escalated activities each year since. This is part of a growing trend to make labs more eco-friendly.

Key Focus Areas for a Sustainable Laboratory:

Efficient Lighting Systems

Ventilation Control and Limitations

Solar Power Generation

Demand for Cooling and Air Changes

Sanitation Products and Chemical Cleaner

Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezers

High-Heat Equipment

High-Voltage Systems

Energy Demanding Equipment and Instrumentation

Retrofitting and Working within Existing Constraints

Sustainable research facilities require diligence on the part of designers and renovators. Project managers must take care to ensure they make the most out of the facility’s constraints of the facility to create the most eco-friendly lab possible.

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