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04.20.2020 | Sydney Cross

Custom Veterinary Cabinetry

OnePointe Solutions provides custom cabinetry solutions for veterinary clinics and laboratories. Veterinary clinics have a unique design challenge, needing to create sanitary, well-organized spaces for both the treatment of animals in front of their owners and behind the scenes in a clinical setting.  Many veterinary clinics also have small laboratories on-site for basic testing. For

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03.13.2020 | Sydney Cross

How to Select Casework for Your Lab

If you are in the market for custom laboratory casework, you have found the right place. At OnePointe Solutions, we have been helping our customers design and furnish some of the nation’s best labs for more than a decade. We know all the ins and outs of laboratory casework and have encountered every type of

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testing labs
09.13.2018 | Sydney Cross

Marijuana Testing Labs In High Demand

OnePointe Solutions builds turnkey cannabis testing spaces complete with all the laboratory casework and workbenches necessary to house complex analytical instruments. When you think of pesticides you’re likely to think of how they affect the foods you eat, not the medicinal herbs that you smoke. But as marijuana becomes legalized at the state level, new

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