Marijuana Testing Labs In High Demand

OnePointe Solutions builds turnkey cannabis testing spaces complete with all the laboratory casework and workbenches necessary to house complex analytical instruments.

When you think of pesticides you’re likely to think of how they affect the foods you eat, not the medicinal herbs that you smoke. But as marijuana becomes legalized at the state level, new testing regulations are beginning to emerge. And who else but California to roll out new pesticide testing requirements? While this is extremely beneficial for the safety of the consumer, researchers are beginning to scramble to find certified testing labs to conduct tests.

Backlogs and Failures in California

As of July 1, California implemented new state safety requirements aimed at eliminating pesticides from marijuana. When ingested, these pesticides can become extremely harmful, especially when they are burned and inhaled. What this means for the concerning communities is that products can only be sold after being tested for safety by a licensed lab.

According to recent reports,  one in five batches of marijuana aimed at hitting the shelves for recreational use has failed laboratory testing. These failures have ranged from inaccurate labeling of THC levels to contamination in lab HVAC systems.

With only 31 testing labs in the state, these tests can generally take up to two weeks to complete, leaving retailers with severely limited inventory and unhappy customers. Some, who rely on the product for medicinal purposes.

Pesticide Tests Across the Country

Since 2012, nine states have voted to decriminalize the production and sale of marijuana, five of which occurred in 2016 alone. Most states, including Washington and Massachusetts, are already calling for pesticide testing, while other states like Colorado have already begun testing.

As more states vote to legalize the sale of marijuana, demand for labs with proper equipment and up to date industrial furniture will continue to surge. As a trusted partner in research and development, OnePointe Solutions custom builds labs to meet varying clients needs throughout the U.S.

Whether you’re trying to build a SEFA compliant custom lab, looking for a biological safety cabinet, lab casework or lab benches, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch to schedule a virtual conference or onsite consultation for your upcoming marjiuana testing lab.

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