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09.01.2017 | Don Carlson

How to Care For Your Laboratory Surfaces

Epoxy, Phenolic, Wood, Laminate, HDPE, Stainless Care Tips Laboratory surfaces from OnePointe Solutions have specific care needs depending on which ones you choose. To ensure the longest life for our laboratory work surfaces, please follow the care advice, below. Epoxy Resin For cleaning, epoxy resin surfaces respond more to buffing than scrubbing, as excessive heat

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08.25.2017 | Don Carlson

10 Tips to Boost Creativity with your Team

Collaboration is a magic word in the workforce. When your team works together you are able to achieve greater outcomes, to find unique solutions, and to keep workplace moral high with happier employees who feel supported by their colleagues. As an employer, however, you can’t just expect collaboration to happen on its own. To create

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08.18.2017 | Don Carlson

The Unique Challenges of Cleanrooms

A cleanroom is an area that is kept free of dust, debris and other contaminants. Often, cleanrooms are used to manufacture electronic components, or to put together electronic devices. However, cleanrooms are also used for lab work, government work, and research of all kinds. Cleanrooms are functional and conducive to the express needs of the materials and workers. As such, there are very

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08.11.2017 | Don Carlson

Lab Designers Think Differently

Interior space designers often put comfort and design ahead of other concerns. But lab designers think differently. In lab design, comfort is certainly a consideration. After all, lab workers typically spend hours on end standing in one spot. But lab designers have many additional things to take into account when planning and furnishing a lab.

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Custom Laboratory Casework in Lab Island
08.04.2017 | Don Carlson

The Value in Buying American Lab Furniture

Value of US-Made Lab Furniture So often when you hear people talk about “buying American,” they are talking about supporting the American economy. There are a lot of social and economic reasons to buy American products. Every purchase of an American product supports an American household–puts food on an American’s plate, sends an American child

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07.28.2017 | Don Carlson

How to Maximize Hygiene in Your Lab Environment

Laboratory Hygiene Tips Hygiene is always essential in a lab environment, where work is conducted around sensitive materials, controlled experimentation and testing. To ensure that your lab maintains its own standards, as well as the criteria of any clients, consider these suggestions on maximizing hygiene in your lab environment. Disinfect With Bleach Germicidal Wipes Consider

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Custom Metal Workbench
07.18.2017 | Don Carlson

Infographic Resources

Are you cautious with chemicals? No matter the field of work, a safe environment should always be a high priority. Working with dangerous chemicals and various pieces of lab equipment come with many hazards and exposures that can be a threat to your safety and those around you. Although scientists and researchers might feel safe

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07.14.2017 | Don Carlson

How Organization Fuels Efficiency in Your Lab Work

Benefits of Keeping and Organized Lab As a researcher, you understand that the underlying nature of the universe is organization. Even things that seem chaotic on the surface are found, upon closer inspection, to be woven on a fabric of organization. Of course, nature wants to take the simplest path, which is testament that organization

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