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green laboratory
11.10.2017 | Don Carlson

Sustainable Laboratory Design

Sustainability is a topic of conversation in lab design communities, with many laboratory managers feeling a particular need to focus in this direction. The unique needs and requirements of today’s modern lab can translate into a serious negative impact on the environment due to excessive electrical and water consumption. A LEED certified laboratory doesn’t come

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workspace design
10.27.2017 | Don Carlson

Supporting Safety and Protection in Your Work Space

Industrial work spaces and labs typically contain a myriad assortment of hazardous materials. There are also situations and processes that pose risks, including chemical processes, excessive heat or cold, transference of fragile containers and materials, controlled viruses, and even the presence of lab animals. Safety and protection of the environment and workers must take precedence

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warehouse design
10.06.2017 | Don Carlson

Top 6 Tips for Organizing Your Warehouse

Warehouse owners are constantly striving to increase productivity. Often, this consists of using employee motivational methods. But did you ever consider that the underlying key to peak productivity might be your basic warehouse design and layout? Here are the top tips for organizing your warehouse to reach optimal levels of production. 1. Seek Expert Advice

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industrial furniture
09.22.2017 | Don Carlson

How to Choose the Right Industrial Furniture

Industrial furniture must accommodate the need of the individuals that use it. People come in all shapes and sizes, and the only way to ensure that the industrial furniture is correctly positioned is to implement a plan where flexibility is at the core. Adjustable Work Benches Are Imperative One of the most common issues that

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09.15.2017 | Don Carlson

3 Things to Consider When Choosing Lab Furniture

The 3 Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Lab Furniture Lab furnishings heavily influence productivity. While planning which lab furnishings to select, project managers should take into account the three most important factors that will closely affect the productivity of the workers who will be using the lab. Primarily, these are flexibility, quality and

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09.08.2017 | Don Carlson

How the Right Equipment Affects Laboratory Morale

Choosing the Right Furniture Can Have a Huge Impact on Lab Staff Morale The right equipment and lab furnishings go a long way in improving workplace morale. Set them up for success by equipping them with furnishings that are designed for peak efficiency. Your workplace is your second home, and so when you are at

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