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White Room vs Clean Room in Manufacturing
06.24.2022 | Sydney Cross

White Rooms vs Clean Rooms in Manufacturing

There are plenty of factors that can ruin an experiment, or render a product unusable. In addition to user error, many months of research can be destroyed if the material is contaminated. Even microscopic airborne particles can destroy particularly sensitive tests, which is why many labs include extremely sanitized environments. Maintaining a sterile environment isn’t

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How to design a breakroom
06.10.2022 | Sydney Cross

How To Design a Break Room

Few places in an office are as important as a break room. Everyone needs a place to recharge and rest, and a well-designed office breakroom is a perfect way to show employees how much they are valued. Beyond their obvious purpose, break rooms are the centerpiece of an office. These spaces are the perfect place

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physical chemistry lab
05.27.2022 | Sydney Cross

What Is A Physical Chemistry Lab?

Physical chemistry is one of the most advanced and specialized branches of chemistry. The equipment needed to perform physical chemistry analysis and experiments is equally advanced and specialized, and will not be found in a general chemistry lab. Instead, physical chemistry is a science that requires its own laboratory space that’s customized with the devices

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what is an organic chemistry lab
05.18.2022 | Sydney Cross

What Is An Organic Chemistry Lab?

Organic chemistry is a highly specialized branch of science. The equipment needed to run organic chemistry experiments and analysis won’t be in a general chemistry lab. Rather, organic chemistry requires specialized laboratory equipment in a dedicated lab space.  Whether you’re thinking about putting together an organic chemistry lab or renovating existing lab space for organic

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what is a biochemistry lab
05.12.2022 | Sydney Cross

What is a Biochemistry Lab?

In the realm of science, it takes a special place to perform certain research. There are very few one-size-fits-all laboratories. Instead, most laboratories are built to accommodate a specific type of research.  One such type of lab is the biochemistry lab, which, as its name implies, is focused on facilitating our understanding of the chemical

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5 types of chemistry
05.04.2022 | Sydney Cross

The 5 Main Types of Chemistry

Most people know a bit about chemistry and some of its basic principles, but chemistry has many subdivisions that are less familiar. In the broadest sense, chemistry is the science that deals with the properties, composition, and structure of elements, molecules, and compounds. Chemists study the transformations that these substances undergo. They are interested in

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Photovoltaic vs. Concentrated Solar Power
03.09.2022 | Sydney Cross

Photovoltaic vs. Concentrated Solar Power

As solar power is becoming the standard for renewable energy efficiency, more folks are researching which options best generate solar power. Currently, the solar industry offers two types of technologies for solar power: Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).     Here, we will be comparing Photovoltaic and Concentrated Solar Power technology systems. Concentrated Solar Power

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what is the acce
01.11.2022 | Sydney Cross

ACCE: What Is It?

Disclaimer Note: The content in is blog is just for informational purposes ONLY. We ARE NOT affiliated in any fashion with this organization to offer any of the services they perform. The American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that offers construction education programs for construction owners, facility users, students, quality

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