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Benefits of Modular Lab Furniture
10.04.2023 | wpengine

Benefits Of Modular Lab Furniture

In the dynamic world of scientific research and education, adaptability and efficiency are crucial foundations for success. Laboratory spaces must continuously evolve to meet the changing demands of research and teaching methods. This is precisely where modular lab furniture comes into play, offering a dynamic solution that gives researchers and educators flexibility. In this blog

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04.24.2020 | Sydney Cross

Dairy Labs and Dairy Testing – An Overview

The production of dairy products of all kinds requires extensive testing from end to end, requiring facilities during every phase of the process to have on-site or local laboratory facilities available to perform testing. Dairy products like milk, kefir, yogurt, cheese, and so on are produced in food-safe facilities, designed to mitigate and prevent the

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04.09.2020 | Sydney Cross

Materials Science Lab Design

Though the general public may not realize it, there are materials that exist in the world that have yet to be discovered. Material science and engineering deal with the research, discovery, and creation of new materials by incorporating elements of physics, chemistry, and engineering. The discovery of new materials could help to uncover solutions to

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04.01.2020 | Sydney Cross

Wearable Devices and Remote Monitoring in Healthcare: An Overview

Wearable technology is no longer a thing of the future and very much a trend of the present, with wearable devices now commonplace on the consumer market and healthcare providers embracing new tools to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients remotely. While wearable technology and remote monitoring have been growing in popularity in the world of

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clinic labs
11.14.2018 | Sydney Cross

Medical Clinic Labs

The lab designers at OnePointe Solutions create and build ergonomic and cost-effective workbenches, tables, casework, and layouts for clinical and pharmacy spaces across the US. Call us if you need help designing and outfitting a clinic. Probably the only thing guaranteed in life is that things will go wrong. One of the biggest things to

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11.05.2018 | Sydney Cross

Austin Company Moves to Elgin to Expand

Full Article on Office space in Austin has recently been vacated by a company taking its expansion plans 19 miles eastbound on U.S. Highway 290. OnePointe Solutions LLC was founded in Austin in 2007, but the company’s next growth spurt will occur at its relocated headquarters in nearby Elgin. The company makes tables and

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testing lab
11.01.2018 | Sydney Cross

Is That Supposed to Be Smoking?

“Is that supposed to be smoking?” A phrase you don’t ever want to hear in a testing lab. Either you need to get a new partner, or there’s something seriously wrong with your equipment or school laboratory furniture. When you’re getting to the level of advanced solution combinations in a chemistry or university lab setting,

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testing labs
09.13.2018 | Sydney Cross

Marijuana Testing Labs In High Demand

OnePointe Solutions builds turnkey cannabis testing spaces complete with all the laboratory casework and workbenches necessary to house complex analytical instruments. When you think of pesticides you’re likely to think of how they affect the foods you eat, not the medicinal herbs that you smoke. But as marijuana becomes legalized at the state level, new

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