Is That Supposed to Be Smoking?

“Is that supposed to be smoking?”

A phrase you don’t ever want to hear in a testing lab. Either you need to get a new partner, or there’s something seriously wrong with your equipment or school laboratory furniture. When you’re getting to the level of advanced solution combinations in a chemistry or university lab setting, every scientist knows that proper ventilation is a must. That’s why all of our products, including our laboratory workstation and fume hood designs, are SEFA compliant and installed by the hands they were built from.

But ensuring that your testing lab is SEFA compliant can often become a strenuous task, whether you’re just starting out or doing additions. So individuals choose to make their selections of laboratory and industrial furniture out of a catalog, thinking it is an easier and foolproof method to a secure science lab design. But catalogs are made from paper. And the equipment and furniture your getting are made by us. Which one makes more sense?

Testing Lab Structure

Structuring your science lab design should be taken tentatively. It is your dojo, your realm where you and your affiliates or underlings expand the knowledge of man into the beyond. You’re not going to get to the beyond if your testing lab blows up. That’s why it takes planning and precise installation to be completely sure of things, especially when dealing with school laboratory furniture where there might be more at stake than just a hypothesis.

There have been many unfortunate cases where equipment or storage facilities have malfunctioned, and research was lost, and even more unfortunate cases where people were injured. In a case earlier this year, a University Hospital’s fertility clinic in Ohio lost hundreds of eggs and embryos due to equipment failure. As scientists and professionals, it is our responsibility to avoid incidents like this and maintain a higher level of standards.

Our level of standards at OnePointe Solutions has never changed, and we plan on continuing to support the science community as the leader in science lab furniture and industrial equipment. We hope we can help you in whatever science endeavors you choose to take on.

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