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Phenolic Resin Countertops

Work Surfaces and Workbenches

Phenolic resin is a go-to material for heavy-duty applications such as laboratories, classrooms, R&D, radiology, wet labs, and industrial facilities. It is both cost effective and extremely durable.

This material outpaces other options like epoxy resin or stainless steel in multiple categories, including corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, and impact resistance. While epoxy resin was the standard lab countertop material for many decades, we are seeing a huge shift in the industry to phenolic, and highly recommend it as an alternative in all cases.

Not only is phenolic resin stronger overall, but it ends up being more cost effective and easier to trim and fabricate in the field.

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Custom Colors.

What color do you want? Red? Blue? White? We'll help you get any color in the color wheel(and even those that aren't). Our fabrications can be faced with a wide selection of hues and finishes, from bold to subdued. Note that some colors require a minimum order.

Custom Worksurfaces.

Chemicals, moisture, heat, and impact can all vary greatly from project to project. From stainless steel, to phenolic resin and epoxy resin, we offer chemical and odor resistant finishes that endure spills and stave off corrosion. Every lab is different. If you have a surface in mind, we can help. If you need help, we can suggest an optimal surface.


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Phenolic Resin Vs. Epoxy Resin – Which Should You Use for Your Lab

During testing, several result occurred between the two materials. Each was tested under most commonly found laboratory chemicals.

After 24-hours exposure, areas are washed with water, then a detergent solution and finally with isopropyl alcohol. Materials are then rinsed with distilled water and dried with a cloth.

Phenolic Performed Better Than Epoxy Overall

Phenolic resin did not score below excellent on any acid test. This indicates that phenolic is very chemical resistant to nearly all commonly found reagents.

Epoxy resin on the other hand scored a “good” rating (2 out of 3) for chromic acid, and a “fair” rating (3 out of 3) when tested with hydrofluroic acid (37% and 48%) and sulfuric acid (96%).

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