With our fully-customizable, American-made lab casework, we provide long-lasting stability to support your capital-H Hustle. We outfit workspaces with the right stuff for a lab well done, taking pride in years of the successful manufacture and installation of laboratory cabinets and lab casework. We’ll never fall victim to being a catalogue cutout. Our cabinets are the strong and silent type, built with concealed soft hinges with 3-D adjustability for smooth, quiet operation. SEFA tested (100,000 cycles), they won't catch clothing or dust, or upset sensitive materials. No tools are required to remove and reattach doors. As the country’s leading lab casework manufacturer of custom laboratory casework, we meet the needs of multiple sectors with lab designs and furnishings created to match your mission. Always SEFA and ADA-compliant, and always at the best price.

With great casework comes great efficiency