07.14.2017 | Sydney Cross

How Organization Fuels Efficiency in Your Lab Work

Saves Time An organized lab saves enormous time for its users. Since lab time comes at such a premium in most places, being organized can make a tremendous amount of difference in the amount of time available for productive work. The organized lab has a place for all the necessities and makes them easily within

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06.25.2017 | Sydney Cross

Don’t Retrofit: Why Your Business Needs a Custom Workspace

What separates you from your biggest competition? When you think about the nature of your company, the factors and attributes that make your laboratory the unique and functional space it is, and the features that contribute to your workplace culture, you probably don’t think about the ways that your lab looks like any other lab out

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03.11.2015 | Sydney Cross

The Health Museum

The Health Museum in Houston, TX recently added the DeBakey Cell Lab. We at OnePointe Solutions were happy to help them build their demo lab for children to learn more about how labs work.

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Custom Science Casework
01.22.2015 | Sydney Cross

Why OnePointe Solutions?

OnePointe Solutions is driven by customers. We are your partner throughout the planning, design, manufacturing, and installation stage of your project. We take your laboratory vision and turn it into a reality.

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12.10.2013 | Sydney Cross

Five Ways to Make Your Lab More Ergonomic

More lab design resources: Laboratory Automation: A How-To Guide Working in a laboratory often requires lab technicians to sit in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time (i.e. sitting hunched over a microscope or in front of a computer). Oftentimes, ergonomics, safety, and the health of the technician are sacrificed for work efficiency. This unhealthy

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