Creating Your Lab Layout

Look, accidents happen in the lab, that’s the whole point! Lab work and research are one of the few places where failure is actually encouraged.

While trial and error are the cornerstones of scientific discovery and progress in general, really, it doesn’t bode well for your beautiful lab layout. Continued wear and tear from constant use of reagents will eventually cause you to replace your furniture and rebuild your lab.

We’ve built a team of expert lab designers to guide you during a lab renovation and help you find the furniture and create the layout to ensure top performance of facility.

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Ways to Protect Your Lab from Wear and Tear

The go-to solution tends to be to use lab liners to protect your lab, including casework, workbenches, carts, flooring, and so on. Don’t get us wrong, we love lab liners. They protect precious lab furniture and reduce the chance of negative reactions that spills may cause.

Our powder-coating for our steel furniture, as well as our lab countertops, are impact and corrosion resistant.

However, there comes a point where even the best liners, coating paints, and countertops tops can no longer support your research. Unfortunately, a lab that has excessive damage due to spills, burns, or any other mishaps could endanger both you and your work.

Investing in Lab Furniture

In these situations, it’s best to bite the bullet and invest in new, quality lab furniture. While it can be pricey, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your work won’t be impeded by a damaged workspace.

“But how will all this new furniture fit into my current space?”

Trust us, we were thinking the same thing. Here at OnePointe Solutions, we like to offer, well, solutions. Our custom lab design team, and American crafts people, will help transform and customize your lab into the productive space you’ve always dreamed of with the furniture that gets things done.

So, put the liners down and let the old workspace die – we’ll be ready for you as soon as you’re done mourning.

Speak to a Representative About Renovating Your Lab

Our team of trained laboratory construction engineers can review your entire project and supply you with a range of furniture options and pricing. All you need to do is send your drawings, floor plans, specifications, design files, and any other info you have about your space.

From CAD files to napkin drawings, we’ll take whatever you have you and turn your concept into a beautiful, fully-functional research space. Contact us by calling (866) 612-7312 or sending in a contact form to get started.

Questions? Concerns? Want to start today? Get in touch. 866.612.7312

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